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Brenntag has initiated the worldwide formation of the Food & Nutrition brand and unit. With Brenntag’s strong distribution capabilities and specialized support for the Food & Nutrition market, we want our partners to Sense the Difference – both in their product and business. Brenntag Food & Nutrition operates in 6 continents, 73 countries and 28 food application and development centers. The new brand is not only an acknowledgement of the globally growing ingredients sector, but also a demonstration of our dedication and commitment to food and highest-quality products. Our passion for food and nutrition is at the heart of our doing.

We are proud of having built a reputation of partnering with the best suppliers of ingredients and additives to serve our customer’s needs and desires. With our robust international and local infrastructures in place, we will be able to share this expertise freely across borders, empowering our technologists around the world to deliver tailor-made food formulations. We are at home everywhere in the world and our specialized teams are at your service to ensure your success in the universe of food. For more information regarding Brenntag Food & Nutrition, please visit

Food & Nutrition in North America

Safe, Innovative Food and Nutrition Ingredient Solutions for All Your Applications

By 2050, there will be nine billion people needing to be fed, requiring 60% more food production worldwide.

We offer customers innovative and safe solutions to address the many challenges food, beverage, and nutrition manufacturers face to sustainably meet consumer needs of safe, nutritional and tasty foods.


As a top food and nutrition ingredient distributor, Brenntag understands the importance of striking the right balance, from a product’s taste and texture to its appearance and shelf life.

Partnering with the best manufacturers of ingredients and additives and delivering the highest-quality products makes it possible for food science and technology professionals to develop and manufacture a safe and abundant food supply, contributing to healthier people everywhere.

We understand finding the correct functional ingredient for your application can be complicated. We also know how important it is to have a safe and secure supplier of ingredients to keep your production running efficiently.


Our experts test ingredients and additives and develop formulations at our in-house application facilities. As a top food ingredient distributor in the United States and Canada, Brenntag knows the right ingredient combinations, interactions and processing conditions to achieve optimum performance.

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Our team will help you achieve cost optimization and flexibility with alternative ingredients or develop innovative technologies in a range of areas:

  • food safety and traceability
  • food technology and innovation
  • health and nutrition
  • global ingredient sourcing
  • food applications laboratory support
  • logistics

Our food industry experts, located throughout North America, receive routine training to keep up with the latest cutting-edge innovations and market trends. To best enable you to compete in today’s market and fully leverage our knowledge and experience in food applications, we will organize events that include technical training and innovation workshops with a team of Brenntag specialists.

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Food & Nutrition Ingredients

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Specialty Food & Nutrition Ingredients

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Providing customers and suppliers with a wide range of Products

Customers and suppliers receive a competitive advantage from our superior knowledge of the food industry. From the most extensive product portfolio in the industry, our focused products include:

AcidulantsAlcoholsAmino AcidsAnticaking AgentsBaking Powder
CarbonatesChelating AgentsColors - FD and C and NaturalEmulsifiersEnzymes
Flavors and Flavor EnhancersHumectantsHydrocolloidsPhosphatesPreservatives and Antioxidants
PrebioticsSweetenersVitamins and Minerals  

Our partnerships with leading manufacturers bring alternative technologies and naturally derived, non-GMO, and certified organic ingredients to help solve the clean label ingredients challenge.

Learn more about clean label trends by reading our Guide to Clean Labels.

Committed to Serving the following markets

Brenntag Food & Nutrition serves a broad spectrum of markets, and we pride ourselves on being innovative and sourcing experts for the food and nutrition industries. We understand the specific challenges facing different food and nutrition ingredient manufacturers and are constantly refining our ways of helping them meet those challenges.

Our customers benefit from our wide-ranging technical expertise as well as our extensive market, industry, and product knowledge. The Brenntag food industry experts work with customers to choose the right ingredients for their products, while our specialists develop solutions tailor-made for each customer’s unique and specific needs.

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We are fully committed to complying with the industry’s ever-growing safety and quality requirements. Brenntag applauds the industry’s continually evolving commitment to ensuring safe, top performing high-quality products.

All of our facilities adhere to ISO standards and HARPC food safety regulations, and we procure full documentation and accompanying certificates for each product. Through negotiated agreements with our suppliers and an accurate system for tracking inventory, Brenntag reduces uncertainty in the supply-chain, ensuring products arrive right on time, at the right place, in the right quantity and quality.

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