Grains make up 45 percent of the world's average diet. Wheat, rice, corn, and other primary foods provide critical nutrients, and we process these grains for easier consumption. However, they often lose vitamins and minerals during processing. Modern ingredients for enrichment, appearance, and flavor improve these everyday staples. Count on Brenntag for a full portfolio of ingredients that enhance flours and grains.

Ingredients for the Enrichment and Enhancement of Grain Products

It takes high-quality ingredients to make the best staple foods. These products create the foundation of most consumers' diets. Grain and flour producers influence the rest of the world's food by controlling what goes into common ingredients. Adding Brenntag ingredients to grains and flours improves the well-being of your consumers. Our additives help producers improve grains and flours such as:

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  • Wheat flour: Additives for wheat flour add nutrition and improve bread quality. Bleaching agents like ascorbic acid make flour whiter and increase gluten strength. Enzymes and other dough conditioners change bread's texture and taste. Producers enrich, or add back, flour with B-vitamins, folic acid and iron. Anticaking agents like tricalcium phosphate prevent unused flour from clumping together.
  • Cornmeal: The removal of bran and germ during the cornmeal milling process removes its nutrients. Cornmeal producers add iron, folic acid, and B-vitamins like wheat flour manufacturers.
  • Rice: In North American countries, producers enrich white rice with similar nutrients to flour and cornmeal. Countries that consume more rice can address nutrient deficiencies by adding extra vitamins. They commonly fortify rice with nutrients like zinc and vitamin A.
  • Oatmeal: Oats keep most of their nutrients after processing. However, instant oatmeal needs additives to provide nutrition. Instant oatmeal includes ingredients such as flavorings, oils, and preservatives.

Many producers pledge to create foods with natural ingredients only. Our clean label portfolio features non-GMO, organic, and naturally sourced additives. Ask us about the clean label products we have to offer.

Benefits of Additives for Grains and Flour

The grains industry does not have to compromise quality and nutrition for modern business approaches. Current best practices would not be possible without the benefits additives give us. Added ingredients restore the nutritious value of grains, which is often lost during production. They allow us to create flour in bulk and store it for extended periods. Thanks to modern additives, we can address nutritional needs and make the grains and flour market more efficient.

You can request grain and flour additives from Brenntag in custom blends. Make production simpler with pre-rationed additives that achieve the effects you desire. Every Brenntag client works with an account manager who knows their market. Your representative can recommend ingredients and product developments based on industry trends. We meet every customer on their terms — your success is our success.

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