People all over the world love flavor and seasoning. The flavors industry will reach an annual revenue of USD 15.6 billion by 2021. Meanwhile, spices and seasonings will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.0 percent between 2018 and 2023. These markets determine how our food tastes, making them vital to everyone. New flavors become trendy every year, and your company needs to follow these developments to stay in the competition. Brenntag works with seasoning and flavor additive suppliers to provide you with custom solutions.

Types of Additives for Flavors and Seasoning

Flavor and seasoning ingredients can come from natural or synthetic sources. The flavoring industry tends to use both kinds as primary additives. Producers who sell spices focus on natural ingredients first and enhance them with additives. Both industries use ingredients from Brenntag for purposes like:

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  • Adding, changing, or improving flavor: Commercial ingredients combine to make flavoring companies' products. Many flavors include a number of elements in the double or triple digits. The seasoning industry uses additives like MSG and proteins to enhance the taste of spices. Maltodextrin adds a sweet flavor to products.
  • Preventing caking: Powdered flavors and spices clump up and absorb moisture without an anticaking agent. Silicon dioxide and other silicates keep these products dry and powdery.
  • Preservation: Flavors and ingredients can have a far distance to travel between production and sale. In addition, products meant for use at home often stay on the shelf for a while. Preservatives like citric acid repel bacteria and mold so that items last long enough for use.
  • Dilution: Extracts like vanilla extract sometimes include alcohol. This alcohol acts as a solvent that dilutes essential oils when they have a strong taste. Other extracts use glycerine instead.

Our portfolio has ingredients from synthetic and natural sources that can meet your company's needs. We provide a full line of clean label ingredients that includes organic, naturally sourced, and non-GMO products.

Benefits of Using Flavor and Seasoning Ingredients

Thousands of flavor ingredients exist that enhance the taste of seasonings and flavorings. Producers can combine these additives to create a flavor that imitates something familiar or has a unique taste. Ingredients give you the option to explore the tastes we have in the natural world or go beyond them. When you work with a distributor like Brenntag, you will have infinite choices.

Additives also allow you to use modern manufacturing and shipping methods. Without the benefits from added ingredients, we could not use intensive equipment to produce flavors and seasonings. We also could not transport them for long distances and keep them on store shelves.


We care about our customers' success, so we offer custom solutions. Every Brenntag customer works with an account manager who knows their industry. You will get help from an expert who understands flavors and modern market trends. Customers can even request custom blends that save them time and money. Ready to find out more about our services? Request a quote by using our contact page today.