Having Trouble Jar Testing?

Are you having trouble with jar testing for your wastewater applications?

The ability to jar test and demonstrate the benefits of your program to a customer is at the core of being a successful Wastewater Professional. Like any new endeavor, building a strong foundation through organization, understanding your customer’s challenges and needs and having a plan is essential.

We would like to present you with a logical method for wastewater jar testing which takes all mystery out of the process. This series and the full article focus on 6 Major Challenges you may encounter while jar testing. We offer a logical roadmap on how to resolve each challenge and provide a method for product selection.


Organization is the core of any project. In the first part of our series, we offer a logical procedure to begin jar testing. Wastewater product attributes can be organized into three categories: Chemistry, Charge and Physical Characteristic; Chemistries can be classified into four groups: coagulants, flocculants, metals removal products and oil demulsifiers.

To ease jar testing, organize your test kit by a color coded system. Then ask yourself, “What are you trying to remove from your wastewater?”

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Road Map

The application roadmap is an essential tool to solving your jar testing problems. Dissolved solids must be made insoluble to be extracted from the water. This can be accomplished through various processes including precipitation, biological removal or complexing.

Knowing what contaminant needs to be removed will determine the process required for removal.

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The Product Testing Process

This post, and section of the article, provides steps to creating liquid solid separation in the product testing process. Adding a coagulant creates the pin floc necessary for beginning the separation process. Dosage rates can vary based on the type of wastewater you are testing.

Learn more about clarifying colloidal suspensions, suspended solids, sludge dewatering and oily emulsion.

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The "Application Road Map for Successful Jar Testing" is a basic guide to help organize, identify and understand the jar testing process. More importantly, it allows you to begin to develop skills imperative to becoming a successful Wastewater Professional.

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