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Available AssetsFuel Distributors

High freight costs and issues with DEF stock availability were discouraging for this customer. The customer has a 25-year relationship with one of our DEF competitors from whom they purchase antifreeze so they initially chose them as their DEF supplier as well. Our DEF competitor only has one bulk site in Southern CA where they were shipping from this location all the way to Arizona and New Mexico.
Importance of Testing DEF to SpecFuel Distributors

This customer took the right precautions and purchased the proper Misco Refractometer (Models DEF 201 & DEF 202 are both approved) Brenntag recommends for testing loads of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). When receiving a recent bulk delivery from Brenntag, the refractometer reading showed the DEF was not within ISO specifications.
Inconsistent Delivery NetworkFleets

This customer was purchasing DEF from a competitor but was bothered by the lack of consistency in the delivery. In addition, the customer received invoices from each individual supply chain partner. All of these issues were happening in three different states. This was causing the customer added costs of inventory, time and complexity in their accounts payable department, as well as, increased risk.
Price Isn't Always Most ImportantFleets

This customer was quoted for refillable totes by both Brenntag and another competitor. After receiving both quotes, Brenntag was informed that they were $0.05 per gallon higher than the competition. The customer chose to purchase DEF from the competition simply because the competition quoted a lower price. Prior to choosing a DEF supplier, the customer purchased a brand-new SCR-equipped truck which shut down due to contaminated DEF. About two months later, this customer reached out to Brenntag to learn about DEF testing processes so they could start testing their DEF to spec.
Truck Sensor ProblemsFleets

This private fleet purchased several new trucks which continually had problems with their sensors. At the time, they were purchasing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) from an oil distributor who was packaging a competitor’s product. Every time they pulled out the DEF filters, they were covered in a grayish slime.