Chemicals for the Brenntag Coatings & Construction Industry

Brenntag Coatings & Construction (Adhesives, Coatings, Construction, Elastomers, Sealants) knows today’s industrial and specialty chemicals market doesn’t have to be so complicated – we aim to make all aspects of chemical distribution less complex for customers and suppliers.

Whether you’re looking for chemical-resistant raw materials of paints or additives, or you are a supplier of corrosion-resistant coatings or another product falling under the Coatings & Construction umbrella, Brenntag Coatings & Construction has the research history, knowledge, and experience to find the right products for your business. We can help you find the right way to implement them.

Offering Tailor-Made Solutions

Through a dedicated, experienced team of technicians and account representatives, Brenntag Coatings & Construction offers each customer tailor-made solutions and a degree of professionalism few competitors can match. From providing advice on improving formulations to devising innovative supply-chain solutions, Brenntag Coatings & Construction delivers products and services which put you a step ahead of the competition.


At Brenntag, we are a top distributor of coatings and construction raw materials, and building relationships with customers is our No. 1 priority. We take great pride in our chemical offering and their ability to improve lives. At the same time, we understand the suppliers we work with have a business to run. Helping those businesses succeed is just as important a part of our mandate as making sure our most beneficial raw materials get into the hands of the people who need them the most.

That’s why when you choose Brenntag Coatings & Construction as your distributor, you are never on your own. We have experts in every type of business and industry using our chemicals. When we are on your team our expertise is fully at your disposal. Tell us your goals, and we’ll tell you the best way you can meet them. We’ll also stick with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. That is the level of commitment Brenntag is founded on.

colorful assortment of paint colors

Brenntag’s customers are partnered with a designated account manager who is an expert in their respective business areas. This experienced manager functions as your gateway to the wider Brenntag organization, enabling you to benefit from our regional expertise and the advantages of partnering with a company present throughout North America.

Our account managers and technicians will fully leverage our global supply-chain to help achieve your company’s goals, from reducing raw material costs to improving your product’s performance in areas such as:

Ensuring our partners are ahead of the curve

When you’re working with paint and coating raw materials, safety is always a concern. There is no avoiding the fact that many high-quality paint and coating ingredients include chemicals requiring careful handling and preparation. We know product safety is a concern for many paint and coating raw material suppliers, and you want to be sure you are selling products with the safest ingredients possible. That is just one more reason to get your paint and coating raw materials from Brenntag Coatings & Construction.

Safety is the number one priority at Brenntag Coatings & Construction. Our experts ensure your company is fully compliant with the industry’s stringent regulations and quality standards. We work intensively with our suppliers to ensure our supply-chain is safe and reliable at every step. In addition, our team will share its product and market expertise to keep you ahead of the curve on market trends and technical know-how, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Servicing a Variety of Markets

As a top distributor of chemical products in the United States, Brenntag Coatings & Construction serves a great many markets in the area of adhesives, paints and coatings. We are equipped to serve any supplier of sealant chemical reducers, and we are a leading anticorrosion coatings distributor in the United States. We also service electronics manufacturers and carpenters.

If your industry uses high-strength adhesives, corrosion-resistant coatings, quick-drying paints, or related products, there’s a good chance we have exactly what you need to supply your business. Every market we service gets the same commitment to high-quality, safe, reliable, cost-effective product delivery.

  • paper, board, related products converting/packaging
  • dry and wet lamination
  • high-gloss laminating for graphic arts
  • bookbinding, graphic art industry
  • non-woven fabrics
  • pressure sensitive products
  • HVAC
  • fabric/apparel
  • medical applications
  • sports equipment and toys
  • abrasives, filters
  • civil engineering
  • factory assembled parts
  • prefabricated houses
  • sandwich panel manufacture
  • architectural professional painters
  • motor vehicles
  • consumer products
  • construction
  • adhesives and sealants
  • industrial products
  • wire and cable
  • medical products
  • traffic marking paint
  • automotive refinish paints
  • marine paints
  • aerosal paints
  • miscellaneous special purpose coatings
  • packaging
  • commercial printing
  • publishing
  • heavy-duty truck, bus, and recreational vehicle finishes
  • other transportation equipment coatings
  • appliance, heating equipment, and air conditioning finishes
  • Wood-Furniture, Cabinet, & Fixture Finishes
  • wood and composition board flat-stock finishes
  • coil, sheet, strip, and extrusion coatings
  • machinery and equipment finishes
  • non-wood furniture, fixture, and business equipment finishes
  • metal container and closure finishes
  • paper, paperboard, film, and foil finishes
  • eletrical-insulating coatings
  • other industrial product finishes
  • powder coatings
  • construction and renovation
  • OEM maintenance
  • insulating glass/glazing
  • civil engineering, infrastructure
  • repair, maintenance
  • trucks, trailers, buses
  • bicycles, recreational vehicles
  • aircraft/aerospace
  • railway
  • shipbuilding & offshore
  • furniture manufacture
  • window frames, door manufacture
  • upholstery

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