Brenntag Latin America, Inc. (Head Office)

Houston hosts the administrative offices of Brenntag Latin America. Each region plays an important role that allows Brenntag to maintain its excellence worldwide. Brenntag Latin America plays the role of trader and procurement agent and the Houston office is the principal location of these activities.

The Brenntag Latin America branch in Houston, Texas, purchases containerized chemicals in bulk from suppliers all over the world to later sell them to our subsidiaries in Latin America and other third parties. Our office has the following departments: Purchasing Agents, Logistics, Accounting, Information Technology, Quality Management, among others.

We are certified in LRQA, ISO 9000, 14001 and OHSAS (2014).

Brenntag Latin America - Houston

5300 Memorial Drive, 77007
United States

(+713) 880-5400
(+713) 880-2286