Brenntag Chile Comercial e Industrial Ltda.

Brenntag Chile Tanks

Brenntag Chile covers the distribution of chemical products nationwide since 1978 through its offices in Santiago, Antofagasta and Concepción. Brenntag Chile serves about 1,400 customers in cosmetics and personal care, plastics and polyurethanes, mining, textiles, oil and gas, agriculture and others.

The company is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and "Responsible Care." Its ongoing commitment to quality, safety and the environment has earned it several awards during its institutional life:

  • Best Distributor of the Year, awarded by The Dow Chemical Company in 1988.
  • Environment Award from the Trade Association of Chemical Industries (ASIQUIM) in 1996.
  • Annual Safety Award, Joint Action, awarded by the Chilean Safety Association (ACHS) in 1996.
  • CASA Management Award in 2002.
  • Responsible Care Award given by ASIQUIM in 2003.
  • Responsible Care Award bestowed by ASIQUIM in 2006.
  • Effective Action in Safety Award, given by the ACHS in 2011.
  • CASA Sustainability presented by Brenntag Latin America in 2012


Camino Lo Sierra 02966 San Bernardo, Santiago Chile Código Postal 8060004 +56 22440 2400


14 de Febrero 2534 Of. 203 Antofagasta Chile Código Postal 1271623 Fono +56 55223 2948


Calle Local 110 Parque Industrial Michaihue San Pedro de la Paz Concepción – Chile Código Postal 4130864 +56 41222 9964