Brenntag Química Brasil Ltda.

With a presence in Brasil since 1995, Brenntag Brasil has the vision to be the safest chemical distributor that connects to the chemical industry as the most effective channel for our customers and suppliers, through excellence in service provided by our employees.

We seek to be the preferred distribution channel of industrial chemicals and specialties.

With over 300 responsible, qualified and motivated employees, we guarantee the development of solutions that enable our customers to focus on their core activities and benefit from our expertise and efficiency.

We operate nationwide through our strategically located sites in southeast, northeast and south regions.

We distribute chemical products for the cosmetics and personal care, food, plastics and polyurethanes, mining, oil and gas, paints and varnishes, & agricultural sectors.

We have been incorporating significant operations since our introduction in Brazil, the latest was made in 2014, when we acquired Gafor Distribuidora, both in Brazil and in Argentina, consolidating our benchmark position in the market for the distribution of chemicals.

With a comprehensive approach to quality, safety and the environment, we are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards which endorse us as a reference company in sustainable requirements.

We currently have four Distribution Centers and the storage facilities:

  • Guarulhos, São Paulo, with 6,600 m²
  • Esteio, RS with 2, 900 m²;
  • Joinville, SC with 1,800 m²
  • Jundiaí, SP with 400 m²

Brenntag Brasil - São Paulo

Rua Gomes de Carvalho,
1996, 25º andar Vila Olímpia
São Paulo, Brasil
Tel.: (55-11) 5545.2100
Fax: (55-11) 5545.2111

Brenntag Brasil - Guarulhos

Rua Roberto Venturole
1333 Cidade Aracília
Guarulhos, SP
Tel.: (55-11) 2489-4151
Fax: (55-11) 2489-4172

Brenntag Brasil - Itajaí

Rodovia Deputado Antonio Heil, 3.400, sala 15-A
Bairro Itaipava
Itajaí, SC Brasil
Tel: (55-47) 3514-7700

Brenntag Brasil - Esteio

BR 116, Km 254,5
Três Portos
Esteio, RS Brasil
Tel.: (55-51)2123.6099

Brenntag Brasil – Jundiaí

Av. José Benassi,
675 Distrito Industrial
Jundiaí – SP
Tel.: (11) 4525-2665

Brenntag Brasil-Recife

Rua : Antonio Lumack do Monte,
128 – sl 505 Boa Viagem
Recife, PE
Tel.: (55-81) 3131.8750
Fax: (55-81) 3131.8756

Brenntag Brasl- Jaboatão

Rua Riachão,
807 CD 3 -009
Jaboatão - PE
Tel.: (55-81) 3878.9706