Brenntag Colombia S.A.

Brenntag Colombia was founded in 1921. With over 180 employees, we maintain the vision of being the safest, fastest growing and most profitable chemical distributor, which makes us the number one distribution channel for industrial chemicals and specialties. We work every day with the mission to link chemical producers and consumers through, sustainable and environmentally friendly distribution and marketing systems.

The Brenntag Colombia head office is located in Bogot. We have distribution centers strategically located in Barranquilla, Medelln, Cali and our main plant in Mosquera (Cundinamarca).

Brenntag acquired SurtiQumicos S.A. in 2014, a distributor of specialty chemicals and formulations for the paint, food, textile and construction industries, to strengthen the portfolio in specialty markets.

Brenntag Colombia S.A. focuses its strategy on intensive guidance to the customer and in maintaining standards of zero accidents, for this reason we have a comprehensive management system which is guided by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Brenntag Offices in Colombia

Brenntag Colombia - Bogotá

Carrera 15 No. 93 A 84 Oficina 606
Bogotá, Colombia
Phone: (+57) 1-651-3600
Fax: (+57) 1-651-3601

Brenntag Colombia- Mosquera

Carretera troncal de Occidente Km 19 Parque Industrial Montana
Mosquera (Cundinamarca)
Phone: (+57) 1-294-0420

Brenntag Colombia - Barranquilla

Calle 30, No. 15-360 - Autopista al aeropuerto
Barranquilla, Colombia
Phone: (+57) 5-366-9500
Fax: (+57) 5-366-9501

Brenntag Colombia - Cali

Calle 13, No. 32-150 Arroyohondo Yumbo
Cali, Colombia
Phone: (+57) 2-691-0800
Fax: (+57) 2-690-4029

Brenntag Colombia - Medellín

Calle 50, No. 40-64, Autopista Sur, Itagüí
Medellín, Colombia
Phone: (+57) 4-375-5660
Fax: (+57) 4-375-5661