What is Sodium Diacetate

The compound sodium diacetate has the chemical formula NaH(C2H3O2)2. It is also referred to as sodium acid acetate or sodium hydrogen acetate and has the CAS number 126-96-5. It is a colorless, solid salt of acetic acid that is used as a preservative and a flavoring agent as well as an antimicrobial agent. It has the E number E262.

Sodium diacetate is recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — or FDA — as a Generally Recognized as Safe — or GRAS — ingredient. However, levels of the compound must fall within good manufacturing practices, and for a range of food applications, specific levels are defined.

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Industries Where Sodium Diacetate Is Commonly Used

Sodium acetate is a versatile compound with many uses. The food industry, for example, relies on the salt for many applications. Due to its distinctive vinegar flavor, it is added to a range of savory products including chips, condiments, sauces, potato salads, and food coatings. Because it inhibits the development of bacteria, it also acts as a preservative for these products. It can be used as a buffering agent in either its dry form or as a liquid blend to control the acidity levels of certain food products as well. In these instances, it can also be applied directly to the end product.

Sodium diacetate is integral to the baking industry since it prevents the growth of mold and helps condition dough. It is also useful as an anti-rope additive, which means that it prevents the buildup of bacteria that make the dough unsafe for human consumption and cause it to clog machinery. Moreover, because the compound has acidic properties, it is also prized for its ability to develop the aroma of pastry.

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This compound is also used as a preservative for poultry products and red meat since it inhibits the development of certain bacterial strains such as L. monocytogenes and C. botulinum. It can also be used to control acidity in fresh meat. Other industries that use sodium diacetate include the photographic and the foam production industries, where it is utilized to control pH. It is used in the health and personal care industry as a masking ingredient, a fragrance, and a buffering agent. In the agronomy industry, it is applied to enhance and preserve the nutrient levels in hay and other livestock feeds. It is used to prevent the spoilage of grains, field corn, oats, grasses, sorghum, and alfalfa due to its anti-bacterial properties.

In addition, sodium diacetate is frequently applied as a pesticide to hay. In the U.S., it is approved by the EPA because it poses no undue hazard to human health. Based on several studies, the agency concluded that exposure to the compound as a result of its proper use to preserve livestock feed has no detrimental effects for humans. Other applications of sodium diacetate include as a blend ingredient for renal dialysis in the medical sector and as a stabilizing agent and buffer in the oil industry.


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Chemical Property Information for Sodium Diacetate

A crystalline compound, sodium diacetate is comprised of equal parts sodium acetate and acetic acid. The free acetic acid molecules are locked in by the lattice of the sodium acetate until the compound is dissolved in an appropriate solution. As a powder, the compound easily absorbs moisture, and during the liquifying process, it releases a sharp acetic acid odor. When heated, it decomposes.

Because it is a free-flowing salt, sodium diacetate must be stored in an airtight container in order to prevent acetic acid loss and subsequent degradation.


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