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A common product used in food processing, polymer manufacturing, and as a heat exchange fluid, propylene glycol is an important chemical used in many industries. The chemical is also referred to simply as PG. Other names for propylene glycol may be listed as are methyl glycol, trimethyl glycol, 1,2-propanediol, and dihydroxypropane. Propylene glycol is generated as a byproduct of fermentation and some fossil fuel processing. When you are looking for an experienced propylene glycol distributor work with Brenntag North America and know you are receiving a high-quality supply of propylene glycol for your business.

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Propylene glycol is an organic compound and is generally considered as a safe chemical. In large amount, the chemical can be toxic so, if you have any questions about how to safely use and store it contact your propylene glycol distributor.

The consistency is an oily, syrup-like liquid which is usually odorless and clear. Propylene glycol is also a very stable compound in regulated temperatures and when mixed with other chemicals. It will oxidize at high temperatures and in open environments which lowers its efficiency. Understanding the chemical properties of propylene glycol is beneficial when you are strategizing the best process for utilizing the compound for your business process.


Propylene glycol is heavily relied on by chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industry professionals. The natural properties of propylene glycol allow for it to easily absorb water and moisture out of areas it comes into contact with. These industries look for where to buy propylene glycol and suppliers to prevent accidents or damage to their products.

During food processing propylene can limit damage if there is a leak and help pharmaceutical companies by absorbing extra moisture and maintain moisture levels in chemicals. Firefighting training stations also use propylene glycol to create artificial smoke for a simulated fire during training exercises.


An essential part of the process of discovering where to buy propylene glycol in the United States is to determine if the distributor is trustworthy. During your selection process you should choose to work with a propylene glycol distributor with plenty of experience. Brenntag has decades of experience in safely and efficiently transporting chemicals.

It is important that your propylene glycol supply is brought to you in the highest-quality so you can create high-quality products. Our team is dedicated in bringing you excellent customer service and expertise, choose Brenntag when you are looking for where to get propylene glycol.

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