What are phosphates

A naturally occurring mineral, phosphates are commonly used for a variety of products. Phosphate is an ingredient in the fabrication of many chemicals as well as a range of agricultural fertilizers and nutritional supplements for animals.

  • Synonyms: Acid Potassium Phosphate, MKP, Monopotassium Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid Monopotassium Salt, Potassium Acid Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate Monobasic
  • INCI:Potassium Phosphate
  • Chemical formula: PO₄³⁻
  • CAS #: 7778-77-0
  • Hazard: H318 – Causes serious eye damage


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Product specifications

Appearancecolorless solfid
Solubilitiesslightly soluble in water
Freezing point3038 oF (1670 oC)
Molecular weight136.1 g/mol
ClassPhosphate, Phosphate Technical
GradeIndustrial, ACS, USP, NF Grade, Kosher, Halal

Uses and Applications for Phosphates

Phosphate uses include acidulant, adhesives & cements, buffer, fertilizer, i & i cleaners, metal cleaners, pesticides, potable water treatment, poultry, teeth whitening.

  • Pharmaceutical : Phosphates are used as binder and filler in solid oral dosage forms which include compressed tablets and hard gelatin capsules.
  • Water Treatment: Phosphates are used to reduce corrosion in water mains. Certain ions present in the water (calcium, lead, etc.) combine with orthophosphates to form precipitates that do not dissolve easily. It is used as a sequestering agent in the treatment process.
  • Agriculture: Fertilizers are manufactured using phosphates, this promotes the growth of crops and plants.
  • Personal Care: Phosphates are used in the formulation of bath products, colognes, dentifrices, mouthwashes, hair products. It serves as a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Food and Nutrition: They are used to enhance flavor and moistness in deli meats, frozen food, cereals, cheese and baked goods.
  • Others: Phospates are used as an acidic buffer for pH control, in various chemical processing applications.

Quick Answers

Phosphates are ingredients in the fabrication of many chemicals as well as a range of agricultural fertilizers and nutritional supplements for animals.

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