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High Quality Food-Grade Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate manufactured and processed strictly for use in products consumed by humans. Foods and beverages with calcium carbonate need to be manufactured, handled, and transported with care. As with all food-grade products, food-grade calcium carbonate must be delivered to you with all stability, purity and consistency properties intact. Not all suppliers in North America can guarantee the same quality and distribution reliability and Brenntag.

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At Brenntag North America, we have years of experience as a leading supplier of a broad range of chemicals, including food-grade calcium carbonate. As a naturally occurring compound, ground calcium carbonate is mined and refined to food-grade quality by a number of suppliers around the world. In North America, we are one of the industry leaders in supplying quality food-grade calcium carbonate to customers across the United States and Canada.


With over 190 locations across North America, we are conveniently located to serve our customers from coast to coast. Our global footprint enables Brenntag to source from the top calcium carbonate manufacturers in the world while using our buying power to get you a competitive price.

Our experience in supply chain logistics means Brenntag can also guarantee fast and reliable shipment to your shipping door. That kind of assurance and dependability goes a long way toward helping your business maintain production and stay on schedule. Brenntag can even do just-in-time delivery if you want to minimize inventory and maximize your material handling efficiencies.


Thanks to our strong relationships with chemical supply sources, we can buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Brenntag offers repacking services to create quantities and volumes that suit your storage and consumption needs. We can help you reduce the amount of handling and decanting you do at your facility to reduce health and safety risks.

This is just one of the ways that we add value to our products and services. If you require a custom chemical mix, technical advice or formulation advice, we can help. The Brenntag team of experts has the experience and knowledge you require to order the right food-grade calcium carbonate powder. When you contact Brenntag, we do not just take your order — we get you answers to your questions and make sure we understand your needs and expectations before preparing your quotation.


Brenntag wants to become your trusted food-grade calcium carbonate distributor and will work hard to offer the personalized sales, service and support you deserve.

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