What is Food-Grade 85% Phosphoric Acid

Food-grade 85% phosphoric acid is commonly used for pH control and adjustment in a variety of foods and beverages. It is a food-grade level chemical, and should not be misinterpreted as a dangerous acid. When handled, and combined correctly phosphoric acid food-grade 85 is safe for consumption in the food industry. Food-grade 85 phosphoric acid has a pH level below 1, meaning Food-grade 85 Phosphoric Acid should be distributed by licensed professionals, and all that interact with the chemical should wear proper safety attire and equipment.

The soda beverage industry commonly works with phosphoric acid food-grade 85 suppliers for use during the creation of cola and root beer beverages. Salad dressing manufacturers and even some dessert companies will use food-grade 85 phosphoric acid to guarantee the food in your refrigerator maintains its irresistible flavor.

As with all chemicals destined for consumption, extreme care and attention needs to be paid to the manufacturing, transportation and handling of food-grade phosphoric acid. To ensure the best quality of your food-grade chemicals, turn to an industry leader with the experience and reputation you can trust.

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Food-grade 85 phosphoric acid has a clear appearance and no odor. The liquid has a thick consistency and can be easily dissolved in water. The density of this chemical is about 1.67 kg/l. Phosphoric acid food-grade 85 is highly acidic with a pH level less than 1. If you come in contact with the chemical while not wearing safety gear, rinse the area immediately and contact your doctor and local safety supervisor.

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The United States and Canadian governments closely monitor the manufacture and distribution of chemicals and acids — especially those destined for use in the food industry. Phosphoric acid food-grade 85 is subject to a long list of health and safety standards to guarantee the well-being of food industry employees and consumers in general.

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