What is Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid, also known as ethanoic acid or methanecarboxylic acid, is the active ingredient in vinegar, effective in multiple cooking and cleaning applications. It is used as a buffer in chemical reactions and solutions including protic solvents.

In less than 60 seconds, this video will explain acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid or methanecarboxylic acid, and how it is the active ingredient in vinegar. It can be effective in multiple cooking and cleaning applications.

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Common uses for acetic acid

Acetic acid is also commonly used to make vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), which is an ingredient in many paints and adhesives. In addition, cellulose acetate film, used in photography, is derived in part from acetic acid.

There is tremendous demand worldwide for acetic acid, with about 6.5 million metric tons manufactured every year. If you are an acetic acid supplier in the United States, use Brenntag North America as your distributor for acetic acid and related products.

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Because acetic acid is so versatile, it is used in a great number of industries, so knowing where to buy acetic acid is important for many business suppliers. The cleaning industry and companies use acetic acid, often in the form of vinegar, for its cleansing and disinfecting properties. Restaurants, in the food & nutrition business, also use a variety of flavors of vinegar in abundance. Other industries that may need an acetic acid supplier include photography studios, packaging companies and suppliers of paints and adhesives.


Acetic acid is an acid in the carboxyl group and is known as a carboxylic acid. Acetic acid is an organic compound comprised of two carbon atoms, four hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. It is colorless but has a distinct, sour odor.

As found in vinegar, acetic acid is safe to eat and is found in such cooking products as balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar and more. Acetic acid is an approved food additive in Canada, the United States, the EU and many other countries. It is classified E260 under the food additive code as an acidity regulator and condiment.

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