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The Brennsperse Dispersants and Antiscalants product line delivers effective and economical treatment options for several markets:

  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Detergents and Cleaners
  • Oil and Gas
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Slurry and Mining
  • Wastewater Treatment (Struvite Control)

Products from the Brennsperse portfolio help control calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, and many other scales and deposits. High market demands for reusing water, water conservation, and the need to use water of lesser quality, all result in scale becoming more prevalent.

Major product categories include: Homopolymers, Copolymers, and Terpolymers

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A scale is soluble material in water which precipitates, becomes insoluble, and deposits on a surface. Various factors like temperature, pH, alkalinity, over saturation, or a change in water chemistry can affect the development of scale. Cooling water treatment scale can inhibit heat transfer and restrict water flow. Scale within a boiler will reduce heat transfer which reduces the boiler’s efficiency. In reverse osmosis, scale can restrict the flow and foul the membrane.

As the demands of water reuse and the need to use water of lesser quality continue to grow, silica, barium, strontium, and struvite scale are beginning to appear in cooling and reverse osmosis. Scale is even appearing in wastewater applications.


Keep scrolling to find out how dispersants and antiscalants are used in Water Treatment, Detergents and Cleaners, and Mining and Slurry Treatment.


The need to prevent dirt, deposits, and scale from forming or redepositing during washing is essential.

Brennsperse Dispersants and Antiscalants help remove and transport dirt, deposits, and scale during the cleaning cycle, keeping them dispersed in the wash water and not redeposited.

These polymeric additives are effective in the detergents and cleaners market with multiple functions similar to their use in water treatment.

Benefits for the detergents & cleaners market include:

  • Anti-redeposition: Dispersants keep removed soils entrapped in the wash water, preventing
    the soil from redepositing back onto the clothing and preventing residues (spots) from
    forming on hard surfaces.
  • Sequestrates: Dispersants prevent precipitation of inorganic salts such as carbonates,
    phosphates, and silicates on the fabric or surface.
  • Spray Drying Additives: Dispersants improve the process of spray dry detergents by
    reducing slurry viscosity, improving slurry (crutcher) homogeneity, and increasing solids of the
    crutcher mix, reducing dusty fines, and increasing bead strength


When mining, the extraction of calcium, phosphate, kaolin, and sand often requires the minerals to be mixed with water to form a slurry.

A slurry is a mixture of a solid and liquid which has a natural tendency to separate. If separation does occur several transportation, storage, and manufacturing problems can arise, including difficulty pumping or problems with production.

Brennsperse Dispersants help with the free flow of slurries by dispersing the slurry solids to slow or prevent separation. As a result, this yields a more consistent slurry.

Four positive things happen when using dispersants in your mining and slurry treatment processes:

  • Drag Reduction: Dispersants reduce turbulence to allow for a more even flow.
  • Slurry Stabilization: Dispersants yield a more evenly mixed slurry.
  • Viscosity Improvement: Dispersants stabilize the overall viscosity of a slurry preventing
    high and low viscosities.
  • Scale Control: Dispersants prevent scale formation which hinders operation.


The presence of scale and deposits on cooling water exchangers and boiler tubes reduces heat transfer and increases energy consumption. When scale or deposits occur on reverse osmosis membranes, they hinder membrane permeation which increases energy consumption and reduces production. Struvite in wastewater treatment plants restricts water flow and results in the need for periodic cleanings.

Brennsperse Dispersants and Antiscalants are used in cooling treatment, boiler water treatment, reverse osmosis, and wastewater treatment to prevent scale formation by one or a combination of the following methods:

  • Threshold Inhibition: Dispersants can distort crystal formation and prevent scale.
  • Crystal Modification: Dispersants disrupt, alter, or weaken the formation of a crystal
  • Dispersion: The anionic charge of dispersants drive off in various directions, scatter, spread,
    or repel fine particles preventing scale and deposit formation.


Many Brennsperse Dispersants and Antiscalants are available in various chemistries, molecular weights, percent actives, and pH ranges. Some products carry certain FDA 21CFR clearances, Kosher certifications for food, and NSF/ANSI 60 certifications for drinking water.

  • Cooling and process water scale inhibition
  • Cooling and process water deposit control
  • Boiler scale and deposit control
  • Detergent anti-redeposition
  • Sequestrates
  • Drag reduction
  • Slurry stabilization
  • Viscosity improvement
  • Cooling water
  • Boiler water
  • Mining
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Detergent additives
  • Thermal desalination
  • Water reuse
Brennsperse 1005PAA Acid Form4000 - 50002.0 - 3.0General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 4817PAA Acid Form11000 - 130002.0 - 3.0Mineral scale and deposits
Brennsperse 123PAA Partially Neutralized1500 - 25002.5 - 4.0General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 4041PAA Partially Neutralized1500 - 25002.5 - 3.0General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 4002PAA Partially Neutralized1500 - 25004.0 - 5.0General scale inhibition including CaCO3,CaSO4, BaSO4 and CaF2
Brennsperse 1201PAA Partially Neutralized2000 - 30003.7 - 4.0General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 1105PAA Partially Neutralized6000 - 70002.5 - 4.0Scale inhibitor for Carbonate, Sulfate, and highly insoluble salts
Brennsperse 4123PAA Fully Neutralized1500 - 25007.0 - 9.0General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 4004PAA Fully Neutralized1500 - 25007.0 - 7.5General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 4011PAA Fully Neutralized3000 - 40007.0 - 8.0General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 4106PAA Fully Neutralized6000 - 70007.0 - 9.0Effective anti redeposition detergents and cleaners
Brennsperse 1007PAA Fully Neutralized6000 - 70006.0 - 6.5General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 4006PAA Fully Neutralized7000 - 75006.5 - 7.5General scale inhibition and dispersion
Brennsperse 8201PolymaleicN/A< 2.0Excellent calcium carbonate inhibitor
Brennsperse 1140Phosphinocarboxylic Acid PCA1500 - 25002.5 - 4.0Scale inhibitor for Carbonate, Sulfate, and highly insoluble salts. Improved
Brennsperse 4140Phosphinocarboxylic Acid PCA1500 - 25007.0 - 9.0Scale inhibitor for Carbonate, Sulfate, and highly insoluble salts. Improved thermostability and iron tolerance
Brennsperse 1103Phosphinocarboxylic Acid PCA4000 - 50002.5 - 4.0Scale inhibitor for Carbonate, Sulfate, and highly insoluble salts. Improved
Brennsperse 4103Phosphinocarboxylic Acid PCA4000 - 50007.0 - 9.0General purpose dispersant, improved thermostability and iron tolerance
Brennsperse 1012PAA Ammonium3500 - 45007.0 - 7.5Mineral scale
Brennsperse 6100PAA Ammonium4000 - 50006.5 - 7.5Mineral scale and clays
Brennsperse 7000PAA Dry4000 - 50007.0 - 8.0Powdered dispersant various applications
Brennsperse 5010Polymethacrylate16000 - 180009.0 - 10.0General scale inhibition and dispersion
BrennsperseCommon NameMwpHApplication
Brennsperse 2008Copolymer2000 - 3000< 1.0General scale inhibitor, great for Barium Sulfate scale
Brennsperse 2009Neutralized Copolymer2000 - 30007.0 - 8.0Struvite control
Brennsperse 2180Copolymer2000 - 30006.0 - 8.0Scale inhibition in cleaners and detergents, particularly automatic dishwashes
Brennsperse 2164Copolymer2500 - 35006.5 - 7.5Dispersant for TiO2 and minerals slurries
Brennsperse 2145Copolymer3000 - 40003.5 - 5.5Phosphate and Zinc stabilizer for antiscale/anticorrosion formulations, dispersant of inorganic particles and resistance to pH upsets
Brennsperse 2150Copolymer11000 - 130003.5 - 5.5Phosphate and Zinc stabilizer for antiscale/anticorrosion formulations, dispersant of inorganic particles and resistance to pH upsets
Brennsperse 2040Copolymer17000 - 190003.0 - 3.5Dispersant and general scale control. Silica Scalecontrol
Brennsperse 2070Copolymer2000 - 25008.0 - 9.0Unique acrylic/acrylamide formula dispersant
Brennsperse 2065Copolymer15000 - 250004.0 - 4.5Dispersant and general scale control
Brennsperse 6255Copolymer10000 - 200003.0 - 3.5Dispersant, general scale control and Calcium Phosphare scale control
BrennsperseCommon NameMwpHApplication
Brennsperse 3046TerpolymerN/A2.5 - 4.0Phosphate and Zinc stabilizer in stressed cooling water systems and excellent Iron and sludge dispersant in Boilers
Brennsperse 8200TerpolymerN/A2.5 - 4.0Phosphate, Iron, and Zinc stabilization. SilicaControl
Brennsperse 3076Terpolyme2000 - 25003.5 - 5.5Removes existing CaCO3 and CaSO4 scales
Brennsperse 6213Terpolymerr3500 - 45003.0 - 4.0Calcium Phosphate control, iron oxide dispersant/zinc
Brennsperse 3047Terpolymerr3500 - 45006.0 - 7.5Calcium Phosphate control, iron oxide dispersant and Barium Sulfate control

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