HDK® Fumed Silica imparts outstanding reinforcement, rheology control and acts as a free-flow additive in powders.

Hydrophilic Fumed Silica
Product CodeBET Surface Area (m2/g)
HDK S13110 - 140
HDK V15130 - 170
HDK V15A130 - 170
HDK V15P130 - 170
HDK N20170 - 230
HDK N20P170 - 230
HDK N20ST170 - 230
HDK T30270 - 330
HDK T30P270 - 330
HDK T40360 - 440
Hydrophobic Fumed Silica
Product CodeBET Surface Area (m2/g)
HDK H17About 100
HDK H21110
HDK H13L110 - 140
HDK H15130 - 170
HDK H20140 - 200
HDK H18170 - 230
HDK H2000170 - 230
HDK H30270 - 330
Wacker Literature 
Click Here for Wacker Fumed Silica Properties and Applications Brochure

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