Braskem PIB polybutenes are made by catalytic polymerization of ahydrocarbon C4 stream from petrochemical origin and very pure,with a high content of isobutene. PIB polybutenes are liquid polymers, water white, with a widerange of viscosities, chemically stable and resistant to oxidation bylight and moderate temperatures.

PIB Polybutenes 
Product Name / CodeViscosity - cSt @100OC
PIB 414 - 19
PIB 1020 - 30
PIB 626 - 34
PIB 1646 - 52
PIB 8102 - 110
PIB 24200 - 240
PIB 30600 - 650
PIB 32640 - 720
PIB 1223000 - 3400
PIB 1284000 - 4700
PIB 24011000 - 14000
Braskem Literature 
Click Here for Braskem PIB Polybutene Info Sheet

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