Polymer Modifiers from SI Group

SI Group Polymer Modifiers can be used in a variety of plastic applications and products.

Polymer Modifiers
Product NameDescription
Polybond 1001 NAcrylic Acid Grafted Polypropylene
Polybond 1002Acrylic Acid Grafted Polypropylene
Polybond 1103Acrylic Acid Grafted Polypropylene
Polybond 1009High Density Polyethylene
Polybond 3000Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polypropylene
Polybond 3002Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polypropylene
Polybond 3150Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polypropylene
Polybond 3200Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polypropylene
Polybond 3009High Density Polyethylene
Polybond 3029High Density Polyethylene
Polybond 3039High Density Polyethylene
Polybond 3349Maleic Anhydride Modified Linear Low Density Polyethylene
Polybond 3149Linear Low Density Polyethylene
Royaltuf 485Maleic Anhydride EPDM
Royaltuf 498Maleic Anhydride EPDM
Royaltuf 527Maleic Anhydride EPDM
Royaltuf 372P20SAN Grafted EPDM
Polywet ND-2Dispersant
SI Group Literature 
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