Antioxidants from SI Group

Antioxidants are used in a variety of plastic compounding such as, polypropylene, polyethylene and in polurethanes for polyols and isocyanate.

Amine Antioxidants
Product NameDescription
Aminox Powder / FlakeAminic Antioxidant
BLE 65Rubber Antioxidant
BLE 25Rubber Antioxidant
BLE 75Rubber Antioxidant
Naugard 445 Powder / GranularSolid Aromatic Amine Antioxidant
Naugard DTDTDPAntioxidant Thioester
Naugard Q DropAntioxidant Amine
Naugawhite Powder / LiquidRubber Antioxidant
Octamine DropRubber Antioxidant Amine
Phenolic Antioxidants
Product NameDescription
Anox IC-14Phenolic Antioxidant
Genox EPAntioxidant Amine Oxide
Naugard HM11Performance Blend
Naugard HM22Performance Blend
Lowinox 1790High Performance Sterically Hindered
Lowinox 22IB46Sterically Hindered, Alkylated Bis-Phenol
Lowinox 22M46-45DWater-Based Dispersion Hindered
Lowinox 22M46Water-Based Dispersion Hindered
Lowinox 44B25Sterically Hindered, Alkylated Bis-Phenol
Lowinox 520Multifunctional
Lowinox 624Partially Hindered
Lowinox AH25Sterically Hindered Dihydroxybenzene
Lowinox CA22High Performance Hindered
Lowinox CA22-50DWater-Based Dispersion Hindered
Lowinox CPLNon-Discoloring, Non-Staining
Lowinox Fast XLHigh Performance for XLPE
Lowinox GP45High Molecular Weight Hindered
Lowinox HD98Extraction Resistant Hindered
Lowinox MD24Metal Deactivator
Lowinox TBM 6 Powder / FineNon-Staining / Non-Discoloring
Lowinox TBM-6 XCFor Voltage Compounds
Lowinox WSPNon Staining
Lowinox XPS 162Stabilization in XPS Resins
Phosphite Antioxidants
Product NameDescription
Ultranox 626Phosphite Antioxidant
Ultranox 626APhosphite Antioxidant
Ultranox 627 AVPhosphite Antioxidant
Ultranox 813Stabilizer
Ultranox 815Stabilizer
Ultranox 817Stavilizer
Weston 398Phosphite Antioxidant
Weston 398TPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston 399Phosphite Antioxidant
Weston 430Phosphite Antioxidant
Weston 439Phosphite Antioxidant
Weston 618FPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston 619FPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston 705Phosphite Antioxidant
Weston 705TPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston TDPPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston TLPPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston TLTTPPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston TNPPPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston TPPPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston DPDPPhosphite Antioxidant
Weston PDDPPhosphite Antioxidant
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