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Fragrance Chemical Compounds

Brenntag North America partners with fragrance compound suppliers across the globe to distribute top-quality products. Scent encourages the modern consumer to make a purchase. With a simple change in smell, you can turn your product into something more — an experience or lifestyle. Industries that use fragrance ingredients sell their scents as much as the products themselves.

While certain fragrances never go out of style, using the wrong smell can make your product irrelevant. Companies that add scents to their products need to stay ahead of the competition.

We help companies throughout the world create an identity for their products through smell. Rely on Brenntag North America to offer the fragrance your customers desire.

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Industries That Use Fragrance Chemical Compounds

Many industries use aroma chemicals to enhance their products. With the number of companies that buy fragrances every day, you need to work with someone who understands your market. When you buy from us, we will match you with an account manager who understands your industry. They keep track of market trends so that you can focus on creating your next great product. Our team includes experts who track industries that use fragrance ingredients every day.

The fragrances in personal care products enhance a customer's daily routine and let them enjoy the scent for the rest of the day. Many people choose their bath and body washes based on smell. Personal care items such as lotions and shampoos often have unique fragrances as well. Oral care products include essential oils and scents that freshen the mouth and ward off bacteria. Your personal care account manager will help you pinpoint which fragrances will make your products sell.

Customers also count on smell to guide their cleaning product purchase decisions. Companies in the housekeeping and fabric care market need to sell pleasant fragrances to stay relevant. We associate certain scents with a clean house, and products without these smells seem less effective for many consumers. Laundry soap manufacturers face the task of determining the smell of their customers' clothes. Account managers who work with these companies can guide the scent-making process.

Perfume and fine fragrance companies use aroma compounds as the foundation of their work. Adding or taking away a single scent chemical changes these products entirely. Consumers in this industry consider their "signature" product an extension of their personality. A scent must express an experience, a mood or a place to keep up with the competition. Our specialty account managers' knowledge of market trends becomes crucial for these clients.

Why Choose Brenntag North America

Our extensive portfolio of compounds from across the world serves numerous purposes. Companies in the housekeeping, personal care, and perfume industries find everything they need in one source — Brenntag North America. Once you choose the products you need, we offer custom blends and packaging that save you time and money. Consider us your partner in finding and obtaining the ingredients you need to succeed. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online today.

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