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Brenntag's Personal Care Application & Development Center understands the need for creative and safe applications for the skin care market. We have dedicated chemists focusing on formulations for skin care, following the latest trends. These formulations use the latest ingredients for safe and clean products for hair care. We are innovating beauty clean and simple.

Please note, these prototypes are also intended for use as starting formulas only and may be altered or modified as needed. However, all prototypes undergo stability testing at 40°C for a period of three months.

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Transforming Detox Mask 05-014A detoxifying clay mask for all over use to draw out impurities and soothe the skin.2021
Protect and Perfect Water-Gel Serum 05-008A fresh and light oil-free serum that provides blue light protection and a soft-focus effect to the skin.2020
Natural Face Lotion 03-142Help defend skin from blue light and environmental shocks with this rich moisturizer that feels light and silky on the skin.2020
Natural Vegan Lip Balm 03-042A natural, animal-free take on the traditional lip balm tube that glides on easily and provides a refreshing burst of moisturization.2020
AquaRose Hydrating Gelée 04-040A uniquely-textured facial moisturizer infused with extracts of rose petals, cotton, and aloe.2019
Mellow Moods Body Polish 04-046An exfoliating Diatomaceous Earth enveloped in a squalane-rich base to promote skin wellness.2019
Perfecting Lip Balm 04-048A luxurious lip balm with cocoa butter, marula oil, and orange and sunflower waxes to soothe and moisturize dry lips.2019
Facial Balancing Lotion 04-056Moisture lotion for oily and acne-prone complexions providing balance between hydration and sebum control; proper moisturization helps avoid sebum over-production which may occur after too-drying skin treatments.2019
Essential Facial Treatment 04-038A daily-use facial cream, rich in natural emollients and extracts offering moisturization, improved skin appearance, and protection against UV aggression.2019
Calming Facial Serum 04-060Green effect pigments ameliorate complexion redness, while olive and rose extracts, and a Vitamin E derivative provide "behind the scene" support to sensitive and irritated skin.2019
2-in-1 Facial Oil 04-058Natural oils and esters provide moisture retention benefits and improved skin appearance; doubles as a remover for makeup and impurities.2019
β-Hydroxy Acid Cleansing Powder 04-042A facial cleanser featuring a unique delivery system for salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid known for use on blemish-prone complexions.2019
α-Hydroxy Cleansing Powder 04-031A facial cleanser featuring a unique delivery system for glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid known for exfoliating the skin.2019
Charcoal Face Mask 03-212Clay mask containing naturally-derived ingredients; this smooth, creamy purifying face mask works to draw impurities from the skin.2019
Décolleté Crème 04-026An elegant, naturally-derived, moisture cream formulated to firm, tighten, and tone the neck and décolleté.2019
Oil Free Primer 03-204A mattifying, pore-blurring, and blue light fighting primer that preps the skin for a flawless makeup application.2019
Retinol Glow Face Lotion 03-208A luxurious face lotion enhanced with encapsulated retinol that nourishes the skin and helps fight the signs of aging.2019
Stretch Mark Defense Cream 04-024A rich, luxurious moisturizing cream designed to enhance skin suppleness and firmness while guarding against the formation of stretch marks.2019
Natural Cleansing Gelée 03-192Moisturizing, natural face cleanser that gently removes impurities and make-up.2018
Natural Cream Cleanser 03-182Natural facial wash gently cleanses without drying your skin.2018
Natural Hydrating Scrub 03-176Moisturizing, natural exfoliant that leaves skin smooth and silky soft.2018
Sensorielle Sunscreen 04-018SPF 35* sunscreen cream with exceptional texture and skin feel. (*in vitro testing)2018
Stretch Mark Defense 04-017Luxurious, natural oils and extracts to improve skin suppleness and prevent stretch mark formation.2018
After Sun Shimmer 03-170Enhance your sun-kissed glow and soothe the skin after some time in the sun.2017
Eye Cream 03-144Age gracefully with this multi-functional eye cream.2017
Make it Last Makeup Setting Spray 03-154Setting spray to help your make up last all day.2017
Silken Cleansing Water 04-002A gentle no-rinse facial wash infused with hydrating silk and cotton.2017
Sun Kissed Glow Body Powder 03-156A powder for sun-kissed and glowy skin.2017
Sun Kissed Shimmer 03-168Soft, talc-free body powder leaves you skin with a sun kissed glow.2017
Age Defying Primer 03-088Conceal and fight the signs of aging.2016
Creamy Face Scrub 03-104Exfoliate and cleanse the skin with this creamy, moisturizing scrub.2016
Pearlescent Body Wash 03-118A body wash for shiny, pearlescent-like skin.2016
Skin Purifying Face Mask 03-098Draw out impurities and purify the skin with this natural face mask.2016
Tranquility Body Powder 03-120Impart smoothness and a subtle shimmer to the skin with the calming scent of lavender.2016
Daily Defense Cream 03-066A cream designed to help aid against the day's pollutants for healthier, natural-looking skin.2015
HydroSheer SPF 50 Sunscreen 03-05650 SPF sunscreen.2015
Oil Free BB Cream 03-078A skin perfecting cream for healthy-looking skin and safe to use on oily skin.2015
Soothing Face Mask 03-027A face mask meant to smooth and calm skin for a refreshed look.2014
CC Cream 03-015A perfecting cream for the face.2013
Two Phase Make-Up Remover 03-014A safe and clean makeup remover for the skin.2013
Wrinkle-Less Serum 03-017A serum for younger and natural-looking skin with a glow.2013
Moisturizing Body Mist 02-152A body mist with moisturizing properties for healthy and plump skin.2012
Moroccan Rose Face Mask 01-170A face mask with the calming effects of moroccan rose.2010
Chocolate Mint Foot Mask 01-066A chocolate and mint foot mask with healing properties for softer skin on feet.2008
Natural Lip Balm 01-054A lip balm using natural ingredients for healthy lips.2008
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We have formulations three personal care markets which are cosmetic, hair care, and skin care. These formulations are tested in the lab and are debuted at that year's industry trade shows. These prototypes showcase trends in the personal care market and highlight new ingredients from our product offering.

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