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Brenntag's Personal Care Application & Development Center understands the need for creative and safe applications for the hair care market. We have dedicated chemists focusing on formulations for hair care, following the latest trends. These formulations use the latest ingredients for safe and clean products for hair care. We are innovating beauty clean and simple.

Please note, these prototypes are also intended for use as starting formulas only and may be altered or modified as needed. However, all prototypes undergo stability testing at 40°C for a period of three months.

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Nourishing Beard Oil 05-010A conditioning and smoothing serum designed to hydrate and tame unruly beards.2020
Beard Taming Balm 03-134Luxurious balm tames and conditions beards leaving them soft and smooth.2020
Panacea Hair Treatment 04-004All-in-one smoothing fluid offering frizz control, heat protection, strengthening and restoring benefits for a flawless style and healthier looking hair.2020
Revitalizing Hair Mask 03-062Deep conditioning treatment repairs damaged hair and leaves it looking and feeling soft and healthy.2020
Texturizing Surf Spray 05-001A light conditioning mist that refreshes hair and creates soft beachy waves.2019
Gold Dust Styling Gel 04-036A styling treatment for all-day hold with soft, natural touch and a subtle golden shimmer.2019
Blow Out Primer 03-202Condition and prep hair for sleek, long-lasting styles while strengthening it from the inside out; protects against damage caused by blow drying and heat styling.2019
Natural Shine Spray 03-210Get soft, shiny hair with this light finishing mist containing naturally-derived ingredients and super oils marula, hempseed, and argan.2019
Nourishing Hair Elixir 03-196A conditioning smoothing serum enriched with hair fortifying oils that tames flyaways and frizz, leaving hair looking shiny and healthy.2019
Repair and Restructure Hair Treatment 04-028Repairs split ends and improves hair’s internal structure for smoother, stronger, shinier tresses.2019
Cleansing Conditioner 04-014One product to condition and cleanse; leaving hair soft, silky and manageable.2018
Daily Shampoo 03-194Clear Sulfate-Free Shampoo gentle enough for daily use leaves hair soft and manageable.2018
Naturally Nourishing Hair Masque 04-016Restore life to processed, dry, damaged hair with this all-natural nourishing hair treatment.2018
Color Safe Conditioner 03-146Prolonging the color of your hair.2017
Conditioning Water 03-172Weightless leave in protecting spray conditions and strengthens hair.2017
Hair Putty 03-162Flexible sculpting putty easily shapes hair and adds volume.2017
Protect and Hold Styling Serum 03-148Prolongs the color of your hair & provides thermal protection with durable hold.2017
Soft and Smooth Hair Oil 04-001Luxurious oil to add softness and tame frizz.2017
Ageless Conditioning Spray 03-084Revive dull, damaged hair with a light-weight conditioner that helps keep hair strong and looking young.2016
Conditioning Shine and Style Spray 03-074A shine spray that also conditions and styles hair.2016
Define and Shine Hairspray 03-116Gives hairstyles touchable hold and definition with a boost of shine.2016
Hair Mascara 03-100Adds a temporary touch of soft pink to the hair.2016
Natural Hair Pomade 03-110Smooths and tames hair naturally.2016
Touchable Hold Styling Lotion 03-136Create soft, touchable styles with definition and shine.2016
Weightless Shine and Spray 03-078Light-weight spray that adds instant shine without weighing down the hair.2016
Healthy Hair and Scalp Treatment 03-064An innovative treatment for healthy and natural-looking hair.2015
Sprayable Hair Yogurt 03-044A sprayable hair yogurt to nourish and condition the hair.2015
Sulfate Free Shampoo 03-068A cleansing shampoo free of sulfates.2015
12-in-1 Hair Lotion 03-026A multi-purpose hair lotion for healthy hair.2014
Hair Wax 03-028A hair wax to tame and condition hair.2014
Curl Creme 03-008A creme for curly hair to tame frizz.2013
Heat Guard Spray 02-180A thermal-protecting spray to protect hair from harsh heat from styling tools.2013
Shine and Style XT3 Serum 02-178A shine enhancing and style producing hair serum.2013
Thermal Protection Styling Serum 03-007A styling serum that helps protect damage to hair from heat styling tools.2013
Siliconyl IBT Conditioner 02-132A conditioner meant to nourish hair.2012
Texturing Spray Wax 02-144A wax-like texturizing spray for beachy and volume waves.2012
Smoothing Serum 01-188A smoothing serum for tamed, silky hair.2010
Shine Spray 01-002A light-weight spray for shiny hair.2008
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We have formulations three personal care markets which are cosmetic, hair care, and skin care. These formulations are tested in the lab and are debuted at that year's industry trade shows. These prototypes showcase trends in the personal care market and highlight new ingredients from our product offering.

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