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This lipstick adds a bright pop of pink with this luxurious, velvety lipstick.

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Our lab formulates with the best ingredients provided by our customers and suppliers intending to promote new ideas and concepts. This is a starting point formula and can be adjusted based on what you are looking for.

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BELSIL® PF 200A nre amphiphilic phenyl silicone. This offers a unique approach to gloss boosting technolgies in color cosmetics and hair care formulations featuring a high refractive index, increased water compatibility, and an improved suppleness.
Ceraphyl™ 791An ecocert emollient that is ideal for achieving maximum after-feel in lip care products, skin creams, oils and lotions, and color cosmetics. It goes on dry but delivers a lubricious and lasting touch.
Enhans SB-63A highly compatible wax used for its excellent mositurizing, film forming, and emollient properties. It also acts as a stabilizer, crystallization inhibitor, pigment dispersant aid, and sunscreen enhancer.
Prestige® Radiant RedA new pearlescent pigment that has a brilliant wine red color with blue undertones. It can be used to replace carmine-based effect pigments and is ideal for use in face powders, lipstick, and eye shadows.
ImerCare™ VellutoA natural mineral that provides a high coverage, luminous, velvety-effect to the skin. In cosmetics, it creates a luxurious feel and exceptionally smooth finish.
BELSIL® CDM 3526 VPAn alkyl-modified silicone wax that improves product spreadability and provides a soft, non-sticky skin-feel. It can also increase skin hydration and water resistance.
Synthetic Candelilla WaxA blend of waxes designed to match the properties and characteristics of natural candelilla with improved consistency and lower cost. It produces excellent structure and gloss is ideal for products where firm consistency and high melt point are desired.
Prestige® Pearly AlmondA new pearlescent pigment with a soft golden pink color that makes it ideal for creating lighter skin tones.
Wacker HDK® H2OA hydrophobic fumed silica that provides various benefits to personal care formulations. It can be used as a rheology modifier and suspending agent to improve flow characteristics of powders, and to increase stability. In lipsticks, it improves the distribution of pigments and increased the stick strength of the formulation.

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