Nourishing lipstick for healthy, natural-looking lips

A lipstick for healthy and natural looking lips.

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Our lab formulates with the best ingredients provided by our customers and suppliers intending to promote new ideas and concepts based on the latest trends in the industry.

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Kester Wax K-60PA soft and pilable polyester wax that is naturally-derived from castor oil. It is ideal for creating creamiter textures while increasing the stability of a product. A vegan beeswax subsititute can be made when combining 40 - 50% of K-60P with 50 - 60% of Kester Wax K-62.
Ceraphyl 791Ecocert emollient that is ideal for achieving maximum after-feel in lip care products, skin creams, lotions, and color cosmetics. It goes on dry but it delivers a lubricious and lasting touch.
ST 2610Magnesium myristate coated micas are an alternative to silicone-treating powders. It gives excellent water-repellency and has good affinity to the skin. It produces good slip and prevents caking.
Kester Wax K-24A plant-based low molecular weight very pure monoester. It has application as a slip agent and skin penetrating agent for anhydrous systems. It can replace many ester oils in cosmetic formulas and provide a smooth non-greasy feel. It can also be used as a natural binder for pressed powders.
Pomace Olive OilA natural vegetable oil that comes from the olive's husk. It possesses excellent emollient properties and has a superior moisturizing effect on the skin. It also provides excellent skin care properties such as smoothness and lubricity.
Argan OilRich in essential unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and linoleic. Its biochemical analysis can be compared with that of olive oil; however, argan oil is richer in linoleic (omega-6) and tocopherol which are the most important features. Essential fatty acids have a very important biological role in helping to avoid early aging and the loss of skin elasticity.
Soft Sphere PA spherical silica that imparts smoothness, soft focus effect, and a fine touch.
Sunflower WaxAn ecocert crystalline vegetable wax obtained via winterization of sunflower oil. It exhibits a high melting point which imparts hardness, texture, and strength to sticks and emulsions. Sunflower wax also possesses excellent gelling capabilities.
Prestige Fire RedEcocert-compliant pearlescent pigment-based on natural mica. Prestige Fire Red adds a deep, blazing red hue to color cosmetics.
Prestige RubyPearlescent pigment based on natural mica that adds a soft shimmer in deep pink hue.
Cocoa ButterKoster Keunen Cocoa Butter is American-refined and non-chemically processed. Cocoa butter imparts excellent moisturizing and emollient properties to color cosmetic and skin care formulations.

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Christina Dean in the personal care lab

Personal Care Application & Development Center

In our state-of-the-art personal care formulation laboratories, we develop tailor-made, novel formulations, and concepts to differentiate your products. We offer a comprehensive range of ingredients, including:

  • Actives
  • Emollients
  • Emulsifiers
  • Natural Oils
  • Preservatives
  • Silicones
  • Surfactants
  • UV Filters

Our primary goals for this application center are to develop starting formulas for the skin care, hair care, and cosmetic markets while assisting customers with existing formulas or the development of new formulas.

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