A full coverage, semi-matte finish lipstick

A coral rose lipstick that leaves lips soft and hydrated with a full coverage, semi-matte finish.

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Our personal care lab uses with the best ingredients provided by our customers and suppliers. These products promote new ideas and concepts based on the newest market trends and innovative technology.

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SynKos 2060 & SynKos 2030The SynKos wax series is comprised of white, synthetic waxes with unique gelling and texturing capabilities. SynKos waxes are synthetic hydrocarbon polymers manufactured by GTL (gas-to-liquid) technology from natural gas. They can function like petroleum-based hydrocarbons, while being more consistent and offering a lower cost. SynKos Waxes are used as gelling agents, thickeners, viscosity modifiers, and barriers. They are also used to modify hardness, slip, and melting point.
BELSIL® B 110Fine, free-flowing soft-focus powder offers optical blurring and a ball bearing effect. In lipstick, it is used for a mattifying effect, adding a powdery after-feel.
Ceraphyl™ 791A nature-derived emollient is ideal for achieving maximum after feel in lip care products, skin creams, oils and lotions, and color cosmetics. It goes on dry but delivers a lubricious and lasting touch.
BELSIL® CDM 3526 VPAn alkyl-modified silicone that creates a creamy texture and enhances payoff in color cosmetics.
Cocoa ButterKoster Keunen Cocoa Butter is American refined and non-chemically processed. It acts as an emollient and moisturizer.
Shea ButterThis has high emolliency and moisturization capacities but also acts as an occlusive lipid replacement. The moisturizing and soothing properties of Shea Butter are due to the high content and composition of the essential fatty acids, unsaponifiables, and waxy esters.
Luxomatte™ MT128Mattifying technology delivers a clinically proven, all-day visual matte finish to cosmetic and topical over-the-counter (OTC) drug products while leaving the skin feeling silky and smooth.
Kester Wax K-82P #154This pliable polyester offers improved film forming and adhesion, increased melt point without added hardness or structure, and creamy texture.K- 82P also suppresses the crystallization and can prevent stability issues including syneresis and sweating.
Vitapherole® T-70Natural and non-GMO mixed tocopherols derived from soy. Vitapherole® T-70 is a natural antioxidant widely used in the personal care and cosmetic industries to prevent oxidation of lipids and oils.

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