Innovative cosmetic formulations for Personal Care

Brenntag's Personal Care lab understands the need for innovative and safe applications for the cosmetics market which is why we have dedicated chemists focusing on formulations for the eyes, lips, and face. Not only are these formulations using the newest ingredients, but it is blended together using the perfect amount for safe and clean products with the same lasting effect. Now that is innovating beauty clean and simple.

Please note, these prototypes are also intended for use as starting formulas only and may be altered or modified as needed. However, all prototypes undergo stability testing at 40°C for a period of three months.

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Ageless Concealer 03-032Easy-to-use, highly blendable stick concealer helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and blemishes while date palm kernel extract helps protect the skin from sources of aging.2020
Black Plum Eye Shadow 04-012An easy-to-blend cream shadow that creates the perfect plum smokey eye.2020
Brow Pudding 03-052Brow pudding for thicker, fuller, and natural looking brows.2020
Calypso Coral Highlighter 04-044A silky-smooth, light-textured gel offering a slight kiss of color and shine, inspired by "living coral," the 2019 Pantone® color of the year.2019
All Over Glow Mist 05-002A light conditioning shine spray for your hair and skin.2019
Coral Rose Moisture Matte Lipstick 05-004A lipstick that leaves lips soft and hydrated with a full coverage, semi-matte finish.2019
Polishing Lip Scrub 04-049A lip scrub that gently exfoliates, moisturizes, and pampers the lips to prepare them for further beauty treatments.2019
Translucent Glow Setting Powder 05-006The perfect finishing touch for a flawless look; translucent glow setting powder sets makeup for all day wear while minimizing the appearance of pores.2019
Moonstone Frost Eye Shadow 03-198Inspired by the dreamy opalescence of the moonstone crystal, Moonstone Frost adds a brilliant iridescent pop of blue to any eye look.2019
Party Pink Lipstick 04-030Bright pink lipstick soothes and smooths while dazzling with fuchsia and blue pearlescence.2019
Soft Matte Setting Powder 03-200The perfect finishing touch for a flawless, shine-free makeup look; sets makeup for all day wear while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines.2019
Malachite Eye Shadow 03-178Pressed powder eye shadow will give your eyes a lustrous app earance with the radiance of malachite.2018
Malachite Eyeliner 04-020Pearlescent liquid eyeliner in rich, vibrant malachite-green.2018
Malachite Nail Polish 03-180Shimmery nail polish with the lustrous sparkle of malachite.2017
Black Plum Lipstick 04-008Enduring black lipstick with bright, fire red and iridescent blue shimmer.2017
Black Plum Nail Polish 03-174Pearlescent polish with blackened purple shimmer.2017
Peach Berry Eye Shadow 03-160Pressed powder eye shadow with the soft shades of peach, pink, and gold.2017
Peach Berry Lipstick 04-010Moisturizing berry colored lipstick with a golden shimmer.2017
Peach Berry Nail Polish 03-164Pearlescent polish with soft hues of pink and gold.2017
Brow Gelee 03-102Add volume and color for bold and beautiful brows.2016
Pink Velvet Lipstick 03-108Add a bright pop of pink with this luxurious, velvety lipstick.2016
Sheer Luminescence 03-086Add a flawless, natural finish to your face with this illuminating mineral veil.2016
HD Illuminating Face Powder 03-072Glowy, illuminating face powder for a flawless highlight for face contour.2015
Illuminating Eye Crayon 03-040Easy applying eye shadow stick to illuminate one's eye color.2015
Naturally Nourishing Lipstick 03-046Lipstick that nourishes one's lips with one coat.2015
Lip Shimmer 03-034Glitter covered lip shimmer for shiny lips.2014
Lip Gloss 02-114Clear lip gloss for natural-looking and shiny lips.2011
Lip Gloss 01-164Lip gloss for healthy and shiny-looking lips.2010
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We have formulations for all the different personal care markets including cosmetic, hair care, and skin care. All of our formulations are tested in the lab and are debuted at industry trade shows. These prototypes serve to showcase trends in the personal care market, as well as unique uses for ingredients from our product offering.

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In our state-of-the-art personal care formulation laboratories, we develop tailor-made, novel formulations, and concepts to differentiate your products.

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