UMANG Encapsulation Solutions

UMANG Encapsulation Solutions are natural exfoliation spheres that gently exfoliate and deep clean skin while protecting and nourishing it at the same time, and are used as macroscopic carrier beads for cosmetic care products with a visualization effect.

Sprayspheres SE Natural Exfoliator
Product Name / CodeDescription
SE WH 4000 SWhite / Small
SE WH 4006 XSWhite / Extra Small
SE WH 4012 VVSWhite / Very Very Small
SE WH OAT 4412 VSWhite / Small Oat Powder
SE BR WL 4124 MWalnut Shell Powder Light Brown / Medium
SE WH RC 4005 VSVisual Effect Exfolient
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Sprayspheres SC Encapsulation
Product Name / CodeDescription
SC WH 1004 SSmall White
SC WH MIO 10002 MMint Oil / Medium
SC SI VE 2001 VSVitamin E / Very Small
SC CH 3001 MBlack Beads for Encapsulation
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Sugar Exfoliators
Product Name / CodeDescription
Sugar ExfoliatorVisual Effect Exfoliator
Shell Powders
Product Name / CodeDescription
Almond Shell PowderVisual Effect Exfolient
Coconut Shell PowderVisual Effect Exfolient
Peanut Shell PowderVisual Effect Exfolient
Walnut Shell PowderVisual Effect Exfolient