Textron Natural Oils

Natural Oils are oils produced in a remarkable diversity by plants, animals and other organisms through natural metabolic processes; subsequently extracted and usually refined.

Natural Oils
Product CodeDescription
TX 8375Sweet Almond Oil (Fair Trade)
TX 8002Sweet Almond Oil - Refined
TX 8101Apricot Kernel Oil - Refined
TX 8121Argan Oil - Virgin
TX 8123Argan Oil - Virgin - Deodorized
TX 8221Avocado Oil - Virgin
TX 8222Avocado Oil - Refined
TX 8054Batana Oil
TX 8261Borage Oil - Cold Pressed (Min 20% GLA)
TX 8038Borage Oil - Refined (Min. 20% GLA)
TX 8415Borage Oil - Refined (Min. 23% GLA)
TX 8161Castor Oil - Refined
TX 0495Castor Oil - Hydrogenataed
TX 8141Corn Germ Oil - Refined
TX 8201Coconut Oil - Refined
TX 8264Evening Primrose Oil
TX 8041Grape Seed Oil
TX 8022Hazelnut Oil - Refined
TX 8052Hempseed Oil - Virgin
TX 8087Hempseed Oil - Refined
TX 8191Jojoba Oil - Golden
TX 8192Jojoba Oil - Clear
TX 8231Linseed Oil
TX 8171Macadamia Nut Oil - Refined (Palmitoleic Min 19%)
TX 8174Macadamia Nut Oil - Refined - K
TX 8173Macadamia Nut Oil Refined
TX 0626Macadamia Nut Oil - Virgin
TX 8030Meadowfoam Seed Oil - Refined
TX 8498Moringa Oil
TX 8062Olive Oil - Extra Virgin
TX 8064Olive Oil - Refined
TX 8068Olive Oil - Refined - USP
TX 0292Olive Leaf Extract
TX 8269Palm Oil - Refined
TX 8241Peach Kernel Oil
TX 8066Pomace Olive Oil
TX 8045Pomegranate Seed Oil
TX 8580Prickly Pear Oil
TX 8126Rape Seed Oil - Refined
TX 8272Rice Bran Oil
TX 8086Rosehip Oil - Refined
TX 8089Rosehip Oil - Virgin
TX 8093Rosehip Oil - Organic
TX 8275Safflower Oil - High Linoleic
TX 8285Safflower Oil - High Oleic
TX 8267Sesame Oil
TX 0294Shea Butter - RBD
TX 8262Soybean Oil - Refined
TX 8090Soybean Oil - Refined - No GMO
TX 0504Olive Squalane - Olive Oil Derived
TX 8491Olive Squalane Wax
TX 8082Sunflower Oil - High Oleic
TX 8553Sunflower Oil - High Oleic - K
TX 8080Sunflower Oil - Winterized
TX 8081Sunflower Oil - Refined
TX 8008Tiger Nut Oil (Chufa)
TX 8131Wheat Germ Oil

Organic Oils are natural oils produced conforming to certain agricultural/breeding practices, avoiding pesticide use, artificial fertilizers, hormones or antibiotics, transgenic seeds or irradiation, among other; subsequently extracted and usually unrefined.

Organic Oils
Product CodeDescription
TX 8004Sweet Almond Oil - Organic
TX 8122Argan Oil - Organic
TX 8223Avocado Oil - Organic
TX 8202Coconut Oil - Organic
TX 8172Macadamia Nut Oil - Organic
TX 8193Jojoba Oil - Organic
TX 8075Olive Oil - Organic Extra Virgin
TX 8093Rosehip Oil - Organic
TX 0294Shea Butter RBD
TX 8094Soybean Oil - Organic
TX 8088Sunflower Oil - Organic
TX 8033Sunflower Oil - Organic High Oleic Refined

Evoil Engineered Oils (Evoil Avtives) are specialty formulated plant and fruit oils which bring innovation into the personal care market.

Evoil Engineered Oils
Product CodeDescription
TX 8383Evoil Apricot Kernel Oil
TX 8467Evoil Argan Oil
TX 8278Evoil Avocado Oil
TX 8281Evoil Calendula Oil
TX 8474Evoil Carrot Light Oil
TX 8398Evoil Evening Primrose Oil
TX 8370Evoil Grapeseed Oil
TX 8384Evoil Grapeseed LP Oil
TX 8304Evoil Hazelnut Oil
TX 8433Evoil Hydracare Lightening
TX 8526Evoil Keratolisse Oil
TX8328Evoil Macadamia Nut Oil
TX 8235Evoil Pomace Olive Oil
TX 8373Evoil Squalane Premium - Olive Oil Derived
TX 8255Evoil Wheat Germ Oil

Evoil Blended Oils (Evoil Basics) replicates the classical fatty acid composition of each specific plant or fruit without sacrificing any of the intrinsic beneficial qualities of the oils. The result provides us with consistent, superior products at a significantly reduced cost.

Evoil Blends
Product CodeDescription
TX 8354Evoil AST - For Anti Stretch Activity
TX 8213Evoil Body BB Oil - For Babies
TX 8237Evoil Caress
TX 8399Evoil Face AA Oil - For Facial Care
TX 8279Evoil Hair PT Oil - For Hair Care
TX 8284Evoil Restore Anti-Stretch Activity
TX 8280Evoil Sesame Premium
TX 8294Evoil Spa Bergamot Oil
TX 8292Evoil Spa Tea Tree Oil
TX 8293Spa Ylang Ylang Oil

Essential Oils are natural oils typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

Essential Oils
Product CodeDescription
TX 0367Lavender
TX 8480Lemon
TX 8426Orange
TX 0480Thyme
Textron Natural Oils Literature
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