Calcium Carbonate and Limestone from Specialty Minerals

CalEssence® Precipitated Calcium Carbonates are a family of enhanced purity, ultra-low lead calcium carbonates developed for those manufacturers who need to meet the requirements of California Prop 65. CalEssence® products contain less than 125 parts per billion of lead.

CalEssence® Precipitated Calcium Carbonate - Low Lead
Product CodeDescription
CalEssence 700.7 micron - USP / FCC
CalEssence 800.8 micron - USP / FCC
CalEssence 3003.0 micron - USP / FCC
CalEssence 4504.5 micron - USP / FCC
CalEssence 150012.0 micron - USP / FCC

ViCALity™ Precipitated Calcium Carbonates are a family of low lead products, less than 500 parts per billion of lead. Not only do ViCALity™ products vary in median particle size, but in particle shape as well.

ViCALity™ Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Product CodeDescription
ViCALity™ Albafil0.7 micron - USP / FCC (Prismatic)
ViCALity™ Albagloss0.8 micron - USP / FCC (Prismatic / Cubic Blend)
ViCALity™ Extra Light1.8 micron - USP / FCC (Scalenohedral)
ViCALity™ Light1.9 micron - USP / FCC (Scalenohedral)
ViCALity™ Medium2.6 micron - USP / FCC (Scalenohedral)
ViCALity™ Heavy3.0 micron - USP / FCC (Cubic)
ViCALity™ Extra Heavy4.5 micron - USP / FCC (Cubic)

MULTIFEX-MM™ USP PCC is the finest particle sized precipitated calcium carbonate in the broad USP healthcare product line of Specialty Minerals Inc.

CALOPAKE® PCC are microcrystalline white powders characterized by their high chemical purity, controlled particle shape and particle size distribution. CALOPAKE® 5970 PCC consists of agglomerated scalenohedral calcitic crystals that exhibit high opacifying power andbrightness. The crystal structure of the product results in a high absorption capacity and makes it easy to disperse.

Ultrafine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Product CodeDescription
MultiFlex MM0.07 micron - USP
Calopake 59702.0 micron - USP / BP / EP

VICRON® Series of Fine Ground Limestone productsis certified for use in food applications. These products are synonymous with high quality of brightness and controlled particle size.

Vicron® Ground Limestone
Product CodeDescription
Vicron® 15-153.5 Micron - FCC
Vicron® 25-115.5 Micron - FCC
Vicron® 41-88.0 Micron - FCC
Vicron® 45-310.0 Micron - FCC
Vicron® 75-1717.0 Micron - FCC
Specialty Minerals Calcium Carbonate Literature
Click Here for SMI's PCC Application Guide
Click Here for SMI's Fortification Brochure

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