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Polargel UV products are applicable in products such as waterproof sunscreens, spray products, daily use moisturizers, facial treatments, skin lightening and color cosmetics.

SPF Boosting Technology
Product CodeDescription
Polargel UV 1416For Emulsion Based Sunscreens
Polargel UV 1416 / 3025For Zinc Oxide UVA Filter Sunscreens

MACROBEAD is a family of patented, multi-functional delivery systems capable of “self-regulated” exfoliation while delivering the ingredients entrapped in their core. MACROBEAD scrubs slowly break down into smaller, softer particles minimizing the potential for over-scrubbing and the associated irritation. As the particles break down, the MACROBEAD products deliver the ingredient entrapped in their core.

Exfoliating Delivery System
Product CodeDescription
Exmollient 7100Dimethicone Delivery
Exmollient 6038Mineral Oil Delivery

Polytrap breaks down upon rubbing into the skin, conveying a lubricious skin feel and allowing the particles to ‘disappear’ on the skin. In addition to sebum control, this adsorber also provides the ability to load a high amount of liquid emollients into powder formulations and can minimize creasing and bleeding after applications of lipsticks and eye cosmetics.

Sebum Lifter
Product CodeDescription
Polytrap 6603Adsorber

Luxomatte MI128 is perfect for use in a primer under make-up to help eliminate the need to reapply make-up throughout the day while leaving the skin feeling silkyand smooth.

Mattifying Agent 
Product CodeDescription
Luxomatte MT128Mattifying Agent
Luxomatte N MT 125Oil Absorber / Sebum Control

Retinol C50 is a California Proposition 65 compliant source of anti-aging retinol for use in cosmeticformulations. Retinol is the most efficacious form of vitamin A for cosmetic use.

Anti-Aging Retinol
Product CodeDescription
Retinol C-50Anti-Aging Retinol
Poly-Pore 110 RERetinol Delivery System
Rheological Additive 
Product CodeDescription
Organo-34CFor Organic Systems
Product CodeDescription
N 709REAll-Natural Delivery System
N 702HAHyaluronic Acid Delivery System
N 720AAVitamin C Delivery System
N 725GAHydroxyacetic Acid Delivery System
N 725JOJojoba Oil Delivery System
N 733SASalicylic Acid Delivery System
N 740CBCocoa Butter Delivery System
N 740SBShea Butter Delivery System
N 740TTTea Tree Oil Delivery System
N 700Delivery System / Oil Absorber

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