Brenntag Specialties Surface Treatments

BSI specializes in the Surface Treatment of cosmetic powders. Most powders that BSI Markets can be modified or enhanced with a surface treatment. Please browse through our brochure and view our standard assortment of surface treated products.

Methicone Surface Treated Products
Product CodeSurface Treatment / Description
ST1110Methicone Treated Sericite
ST1144Methicone Treated TiO2
Dimethicone Treated Products
Product CodeSurface Treatment / Description
ST1944Dimethicone Treated TiO2
ST1910Dimethicone Treated Sericite
ST1904Dimethicone Treated Synthetic Mica
ST1905Dimethicone Treated Synthetic Mica
ST1906Dimethicone Treated Mica
ST1925Dimethicone Treated Talc
ST1960Dimethicone Treated Zinc Oxide
Lauroyl Lysine Treated Products
Product CodeSurface Treatment / Description
ST1406Lauroyl Lysine Treated Mica
ST1409Lauroyl Lysine Treated Mica
ST1410Lauroyl Lysine Treated Sericite
ST1441Lauroyl Lysine Treated Titanium Dioxide
ST147010 Soft Calcium PowderLauroyl Lysine Treated Sericite / Precip. Calcium Carboaate
Boron Nitride Treated Product
Product CodeSurface Treatment / Description
ST1710Boron Nitride Treated Sericite
Capryloyl Treated Products 
Product CodeSurface Treatment / Description
ST1870 Calcium SilkCapryloyl Treated Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
ST1815 Smooth Bright SericiteCapryloyl Treated Sericite
Surface Treatment Brochure
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