Ashland Polymers provide benefits to a variety of applications including hair styling, sun care, and color cosmetics. In addition to their versatility in terms of industry application, many of Ashland’s styling polymers are multifunctional, offering various degrees of hold as well as conditioning and shine.

Advantage Polymers
Advantage LC-AHair Sprays, Styling Products
Advantage SStyling Products
Advantage S SolutionStyling Products
Advantage PlusHair Sprays, Styling Products
Advantage PG30 / PS50Methacryloyl Ethyl Betaine/Acrylates Copolymer
Advantage RevivePolyvinylpyrrolidone
Aquaflex Polymer Blends
Aquaflex FX-64Hair Sprays, Styling Products
Aquaflex SF-40Hair Sprays, Styling Products
Aquaflex XL-30Color Cosmetics, Conditioners, Facial & Hair Care, Styling Products
AquaStyle Resins
AquaStyle 300Styling Products
AquaStyle 300 AFStyling Products
AquaStyle 300 NStyling Products
ChromaHance Polymers
ChromaHance 113Hair Care - Color and Shine
Gaffix Polymers
Gaffix VC-713Hairsprays, Styling Products
Gafquat Polymers
Gafquat 440Body Care, Color Cosmetics, Conditioners, Styling Products
Gafquat 755NConditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Gafquat 755N-PConditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Gafquat 755 N-OConditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Gafquat HS-100Conditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Gafquat HS-100-OConditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
PrimaFlo Polymers
PrimaFlo HP22Skin Care, Styling Products
Omnirez Polymer
Omnirez 2000Hairsprays, Styling Products
Styleze Polymers
Styleze 2000Conditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Styleze CC-10Conditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Styleze W-10Conditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Styleze W-17Conditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Styleze W-20Conditioners, Shampoos, Styling Products
Styleze XT3Styling Products
Styleze ES-1Styling Products
UltraThix Polymers
UltraThix P-100Body Care, Color Cosmetics, Facial and Sun Care, Styling Products
PVP K-15Hair Colorants, Hairsprays, Styling Products
PVP K-15 SolutionHair Colorants, Hairsprays, Styling Products
PVP K-30Hair Colorants, Hairsprays, Styling Products
PVP K-30 SolutionHair Colorants, Hairsprays, Styling Products
PVP K-60Hair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP K-90Hair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP K-90 SolutionHair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP K-120 PowderHair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP/VA S-630 (Powder)Hair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP/VA E-335 (in Ethanol)Hairsprays, Styling Products
PVP/VA I-335 (in Isopropanol)Hairsprays, Styling Products
PVP/VA E-535 (in Ethanol)Styling Products
PVP/VA I-535 (in Isopropanol)Styling Products
PVP/VA E-635 (in Ethanol)Hair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP/VA W-635 (in Water)Hair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP/VA E-735 (in Ethanol)Hair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP/VA I-735 (in Isopropanol)Hair Colorants, Styling Products
PVP/VA W-735 (in Water)Hair Colorants, Styling Products
Gantrez Liquid Copolymers
Gantrez A-425Hairsprays, Styling Products
Gantrez ES-225Hairsprays, Styling Products
Gantrez ES-335Hairsprays, Styling Products
Gantrez ES-335-IHairsprays, Styling Products
Gantrez ES-425Hairsprays, Styling Products
Gantrez ES-435Hairsprays, Styling Products
Gantrez SP-215Hairsprays, Styling Products
Style Fusion Copolymers 
Style FusionComplex 1
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