Ashland Conditioning Agents

Conditioning Agents from Ashland help repair and restore hair and condition skin that has been subjected to the stresses of daily living back to its original state. Ashland offers a select series of conditioning polymers from both natural and synthetic sources.

Powdered Cationic Guar
NameCationic Charge / Viscosity
N-Hance BF17Very High / High
N-Hance CG17Very High / High
N-Hance 3215High / High
N-Hance 3196Medium / High
N-Hance BF13Medium / High
N-Hance CG13Medium / High
N-Hance CCG45Medium / Low
N-Hance 3000Low / High
N-Hance C261Low / High
N-Hance C261 NLow / High
N-Hance HPCG 1000Medium / Medium
Synthetic Conditioning Poltmer Systems
NameCationic Charge / Viscosity
N-Hance SP-100Very High / High
N-Hance 4572Very High / High
Liquid Cationic Guar
NameCharge / Viscosity
AquaCat iCHigh / Very Low
AquaCat PF618High / Very Low
AquaCat CG 518High / Very Low
NameCationic Charge / Viscosity
Conditioneze 7SBMedium / Low
Conditioneze 22High / Medium
Conditioneze 37 (E)Medium / High
Conditioneze 37 (M)Medium / High
Conditioneze 28Medium / Medium
Gafquat 440Medium / Medium
Gafquat 755NMedium / High
Gafquat HS-100Medium / High
Gafquat HisMedium / High
N-DurHance A-1000Polyacrylamidopropyltrimonium Chloride
N-Durhance AA-2200Conditioning Agent
ClearHance CCassia Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
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