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BROWSE Personal Care Ingredients

Here you will find the personal care and cosmetic ingredients you need for your applications. Click on each product to find more information and download technical data sheets (TDS). Safety data sheets (SDS) can be downloaded on Brenntag Connect.

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Our specialty chemical products for the personal care industry are grouped by product category. Jump to a product category by clicking the links below.

Cosmetic Powders

Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Mica and Sericite 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Polymethyl Methacrylate 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Rice Starch 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Silk Powder 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Spherical Silica 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Synthetic Mica 

Effect Pigments / Colors

Brenntag Specialties, Inc. / Kronos Purified Titanium DioxideWater Dispersible
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. / Venator Purified Titanium DioxideOil Disperible
Sudarshan North America Iridescent Pigments 
Sudarshan North America Pearlescent Pigments 
Yipin Iron Oxide Pigments 

Fine Ingredients

Ashland Bio Functional Actives 
Ashland Conditioning Agents 
Ashland Emollients 
Ashland Emulsifiers 
Ashland Encapsulates 
Ashland Essential Skin Extracts 
Ashland Film Formers, Fixatives, and Styling Polymers 
Ashland Hydrogels 
Ashland Lamellar Gel Systems 
Ashland Preservatives 
Ashland Rheology Modifiers 
Ashland UV Filters 
Ashland Wetting Agents 
Ashland Water-Resistant Agents 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Stearates 
ICL - Dead Sea Periclase Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide, and Magnesium Oxide 
Kaneka Surfactants 
Koster Keunen Specialty Waxes 
Koster Keunen Waxes 
Lantmannen Oat Beta Glucan 
MTI - Amcol Anti-Aging Retinol 
MTI - Amcol Exfoliating Delivery 
MTI - Amcol Mattifying Agent 
MTI - Amcol Microsponge 
MTI - Amcol Rheological Additive 
MTI - Amcol Sebum Lifter 
MTI - Amcol SPF Boosting 
Nouryon Benzoyl Peroxide (USP) 
Novo Nordisk Pharmatech Preservatives and Antiseptics(USP / NF / JP) Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Oleon Emollients 
Pure Bioscience Anti-Microbials 
Pyure Brands Stevia Natural Sweetener 
Sonneborn Siilcone Extenders and Replacements 
Southern Botanica Marula Oil 
Sumitomo Seika Polymers 
Textron Engineered Oils 
Textron Essential Oils 
Textron Natural Oils 
Textron Oil Blends 
Textron Organic Oils 
US Zinc Zinc Oxide 
Vitae Naturals TocopherolsVitamin E / Tocopherols / Plant Sterols
Wacker Biosolutions Cyclodextrins 
Wacker Biosolutions Hydroxytyrosol 
Wacker Biosolutions L-Cysteine 
Wacker Silicones Pyrogenic Fumed Silica 
Wacker Silicones Silicones 


Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Bentonite / Hectorite 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Colloidal Kaolin 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Magnesium Aluminum Silicate 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Precipitated Calcium Carbonate 
Color Clay Natural Color Clay 
Mississippi Lime Calcium Hydroxide 
Mississippi Lime Calcium Oxide 
Scora Calcium Carbonate 
Scora Mangesium Carbonate 
Specialty Minerals Ground Limestone 
Specialty Minerals Precipitated Calcium Carbonate 


Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Keratin Protein 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Silk Protein 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Soy Protein 
Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Wheat Protein 

Surface Treatments

Brenntag Specialties, Inc. Surface Treated Products 
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