We offer a wide variety of high-quality products to the composites market and their allied industries like Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Cast polymer, Corrosion, Industrial, Marine, Mass Transportation, and Polymer concrete.

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Composites materials found in airplanes, spacecraft, helicopters, drones, and other aerospace components often require them to be light in weight but high in strength. Brenntag is experienced in multiple composite materials widely used in aerospace production such as carbon fiber, glass, and aramid reinforcement, foam core, and epoxy resins, and can help you find the right aerospace composite chemicals for your needs.

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Composites are widely used in architectural applications thanks to their high strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to be molded into complex shapes such as curved, corrugated, ribbed, or contoured in a variety of ways with varying thickness. Brenntag’s composite offerings from suppliers include core additives, core materials, structural adhesives, and more to make your build easier.

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Composite materials can help create lighter, safer, and more fuel-efficient vehicles and could even hold more advantages over steel in the near future. Let Brenntag’s team of experts show you the benefits of heat resistant and weight-reduced composite parts for your automotive project.

Cast polymer pellets in multiple colors

Brenntag has years of industry experience in cast polymer ingredients such as calcium carbonate, pigment dispersions, and Gelcoat coatings. Whether you’re building a house or just renovating a room, let Brenntag help you find the right materials for every cast polymer application including, kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, and wall panels.

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Multiple industries such as aerospace & defense, transportation, industrial, and oil & gas are increasing their use of corrosion-resistant composite materials because of their durability and long-lasting capabilities. Brenntag’s line of supplier-provided vinyl esters, epoxy, and unsaturated polyester resins paired with their knowledge of corrosion composites that offer long-term resistance from air pollution, chemical processing, desalination, and outdoor exposure can help your complete any project.

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The industrial end market uses composites in multiple applications thanks to their corrosion resistance and durability, creating a safer way of storing chemicals and gases. Brenntag’s knowledge and experience with polyester and vinyl ester resin combined with fiberglass reinforcements can help you fulfill a variety of industrial composite applications.

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The high use of composite materials is apparent in the hulls, decks, and interiors of a vast majority of the vessels in the water. Brenntag's full range of marine composite products from our suppliers include polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins, fiberglass reinforcements, and gelcoat coatings for any marine composite components.

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Mass transportation vehicles such as trains, buses, and subways benefit greatly on account of composites from the vehicle body to interior parts and components. When utilized composites help to lessen the vehicle’s energy consumption, lowering operating costs, reducing wear and tear, and increasing capacity.

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Polymer concrete is used for new construction and to repair existing concrete structures. Its adhesive qualities give this material the ability to repair both polymer and conventional cement concrete substrates. Applications include swimming pools, sewers structures, bridge overlay’s, and decks.


Brenntag Specialties offers a wide variety of high quality products to the composites market and their allied industries. Our focus is to work closely with research and development technicians to aid in the fine tuning of formulas, concentrates, and compound mixtures.

The Technical Services Department and Regulatory Affairs Manager supports the daily functions to help build customer satisfaction. Brenntag Specialties is ISO 9001:2008 certified and a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors' (NACD) Responsible Distribution Process (RDP).

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Safety is the number one priority at Brenntag Specialties. Our experts ensure your company is fully compliant with the industry’s stringent regulations and quality standards. We work intensively with our suppliers to ensure our supply-chain is safe and reliable at every step.

In addition, our team will share its product and market expertise to keep you ahead of the curve on market trends and technical know-how, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Being a top distributor of chemicals in the United States has its advantages. One of those advantages is being able provide an extensive line of composites & advanced materials to supply your company, including the following categories:

  • Additives / Solvents
  • Catalysts
  • Colorants / Pigments
  • Compounds / Adhesives
  • Core Materials
  • Engineered Minerals
  • Fiberglass
  • Mold Release Systems
  • Resins

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AdditivesAdditives function to reduce the cost of composites products. Along with cost they also work to enhance fire-retardancy, reduce resin shrinkage, improve thermal stability and increase weatherability. These products include fumed silica, alumina trihydrate, calcium carbonate, stearates, glass fiber, ceramic, and thermoplastic microspheres.
CatalystsCatalysts also known as organic peroxides are used to initiate and control the curing process of polyester and vinyl ester thermoset resin systems.
Colorants/PigmentsColorants and pigments can be types of dye, biological pigment, ink, paint, or colored chemicals. Different formulations require a variety of diverse properties that can be provided by various types of colorants and pigments.
Core MaterialsThe purpose of core materials in a composite is to increase thickness of a low-density material. They can increase the stiffness and strength with little additional weight to the composite structure.
Engineered MineralsEngineered materials deliver optical, mechanical, and rheological performance. These minerals additives also help minimize cost.
Epoxy Curing AgentsEpoxy curing agents are widely used in the infrastructure and construction markets. When applied these agents increase the chemical resistance, strength, and temperature performance.
Epoxy ResinsEpoxy resin systems are less flammable, more durable, have a lower shrinkage with longer shelf life and more chemical impact and resistance. This material can be utilized in general purpose adhesives, binders, rigid foams, non-skid coatings, industrial coatings, and plastics.
Fiberglass ReinforcementsFiberglass is typically made from silica-based materials blended with metal oxides. These Formulations may vary based on application needs providing a balance between cost and performance.
GelcoatsThese coating systems can be formulated to meet many composite applications by combining various resins, fillers, colorants and thickening agents. Gelcoats are applied to a mold surfaces to form a protective and cosmetically appealing coating to many composite structures.
Mold Release ProductsMold release agents form a coating that provides a barrier between the mold surface and the product being produced. These mold release systems increase productivity and product quality. Some release agents require elevated temperature cure while others cure under ambient temperature conditions.
Polyester CompoundsPolyester compounds can be engineered to provide void filling, fairing, reinforcement or adhesive requirements to a composite product. A variety of fillers and resins system can be combined to meet a specification.
SolventsA solvent is a liquid with the capability of dissolving another substance. Once the solute is dissolved it creates a solution. Solvents vary by strength, application, and industry.
Structural AdhesivesStructural adhesives are used in constructions to reduce the need for mechanical fasteners. This can improve the structure visually and enhance the overall quality with little change in weight.
ThixotropesThe most commonly used thixotropy is fumed silica. This powder has an extremely low bulk density and high surface area. It’s three-dimensional structure results in increased viscosity when used as a thickener in thermoset polyester resins.
Vinyl Ester ResinCreated for maximum corrosion resistance, vinyl ester resin is a balance between polyester and epoxy resin. This balance gives the product great handling characteristics and properties. Benefits of this hybrid include heat resistance, durability, strength, and low viscosity for easy pouring and vacuum infusion.


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