Brenntag’s HI&I Solutions is your partner for meeting all the demanding needs of today’s institutional and janitorial service needs. Our high-quality products from world class manufacturers coupled with our exceptional supply chain; regulatory support; formulation and applications support; and mixing and blending capabilities makes Brenntag your partner of choice. Contact us to see what the power of Brenntag HI&I Solutions can do for you.

Ask us what the power of Brenntag HI&I Solutions can do for you.


  • Surface Care
    Brenntag has a wide range of products to clean hard surfaces
    in hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, hotels,
    restaurants and retail establishments. From stainless steel to
    marble, hard surfaces differ in composition, hardness and
    resistance to moisture, stains and grease, and they require
    unique chemistries to clean. Regular hard surface cleaning
    not only maintains the luster and integrity of floors,
    countertops, desktops, equipment, and fixtures but also
    demonstrates your business’ attention to detail and
    dedication to maintaining a healthy, clean environment.
  • Dish Care
    Brenntag is the first choice when selecting ingredients for
    efficient and cost-effective dish cleaning in institutional
    settings without sacrificing cleaning performance. Whether
    you are cleaning dishes for a fine dining restaurant or a food
    service operation, we have solutions to meet the most
    demanding formulation requirements.
  • Fabric Care
    Brenntag can help you select ingredients to meet all
    your fabric care needs. We offer traditional and green
    products for cleaning any type of fabric: carpet, table linens,
    sheets, towels, and uniforms. Our unique solutions enhance
    cleaning performance, extend fabric life, improve washing
    and drying efficiency, and repel stains.
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Find products for these common institutional cleaning applications:

  • Hard Surface care
  • Dish care
  • Fabric care

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If you’re ready to take your HI&I business to the next level, with the highest-quality products and a team of experienced professionals behind you, you’re ready for Brenntag. To find out more about our HI&I ingredients and services, contact our team now.

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