PPG Thickening Agents

PPG Silica Products offers a product line of synthetic amorphous precipitated silica thickening agents that are rheology modifiers and anti-sag/suspension agents for polyester gel coatings, plastisols, inks, adhesives, caulks and sealants. Our products cover a wide range of median particle size and surface area performance properties in order to provide you with maximum formulation flexibility.

Hi-Sil™ Thickening Agents acts as a rheology modifier in many household, industrial, and institutional cleaning formulations. Benefits of this product include:

  • Compatible with a range of flocculants, associative thickeners, and dispersion aids
  • Adjusts rheology without changing other system characteristics
  • Enhanced thixotropy in non-polar solvent systems
Hi-Sil Thickening Agents
Product NameDescription
Hi-Sil OverviewThickening Agents
Hi-Sil LPCThickening Agents
Hi-Sil SBGThickening Agents
Hi-Sil SC-72Thickening Agents
Hi-Sil WB-10Thickening Agents
Hi-Sil WB 2085Thickening Agents

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