Ashland Disintex™ Disintegrants

Dish Care Chemistries utilize the Disintex™ disintegrants series – Disintex 75 and 200 disintegrants – provide tablet disintegration. Disintex disintegrants rapidly absorb water on contact to swell and create internal stress points that will break up tablets.

The household cleaning market benefits from swelling with high hydrostatic pressure for rapid tablet break-up, rapid dispersion of tablets with low residues after rinsing, and low tablet friability. Disintex™ disintegrants can be used in automatic dishwashing detergent tablets, dishwashing water softener tablets, laundry tablets, and household tablets.

Dish Care Chemistries
Product NameDescription
Disintex 75Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
Disintex 200Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone and Urea
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