Vitamins from BASF

Vitamins and carotenoids enable you to enhance your dietary supplements, functional drinks, and health food products with attractive additional benefits.

Vitamin A
Dry Vitamin A-Acetate AD3K1
Dry Vitamin A-Acetate 500 40 Mesh
Dry Vitamin A-Acetate 500 60 Mesh
Dry Vitamin A-Acetate 325 GFP/E
Dry Vitamin A-Palmitate 250 FG
Dry Vitamin A-Palmitate 500
Vitamin A-Palmitate 1.0 Mio IU/G - Stabilized w/Tocopherol
Vitamin A-Palmitate 1.7 Mio IU/G - Unstable
Vitamin A-Palmitate 1.7 Mio IU/G - Stabilized w/Tocopherol
Vitamin A-Palmitate 250 GFP BG
Vitamin A-Propionate 2.5 Mio IU/G - Stabilized w/BHT
Vitamin B
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Fine Powder
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin High Flow 100
Vitamin B5 Calcium D Pantothenate
Dry Vitamin B12 0.1% GFP
Dry Vitamin B12 1% GFP
Vitamin B12 0.1% SD
Vitamin B12 1.0% SD
Vitamin D
Vitamin D3 1.0 Mio IU/G
Vitamin D3 1.0 Mio IU/G - in Corn Oil
Vitamin D3 100 GFP/HP
Vitamin D3 100 HP
Vitamin E (Synthetic)
Vitamin E 500 BG
Vitamin E 500 FG
Vitamin E DL alpha Tocopherol
Vitamin E-Acetate (DL alpha Tocopherol)
Vitamin E-Acetate 98%
Dry Vitamin E-Acetate 50% DC/GFP
Dry Vitamin E-Acetate 50% DC
Viatmin K
Dry Vitamin K1 1% GFP
Dry Vitamin K1 5% GFP
Covi-OX (Mixed Tocopherols)
Covi-Ox T-30 P
Covi-Ox T-30 P EU
Covi-Ox T-50
Covi-Ox T-50 EU
Covi-Ox T-70 EU
Covi-Ox T-90
Covi-Ox T-90 EU
Covitol (Mixed Tocopherols)
Covitol 700 WD
Covitol 1100
Covitol 1210
Covitol 1250
Covitol 1360
Covitol F1000-2
Covitol F-1300
Covitol F-1490
Covitol F-80/20M
Covitol F350 GFP

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