Around 14 percent of global agricultural trade involves dairy and milk products. We consumed dairy centuries ago, and we still eat it today. In the time between, we found ways to improve milk products. Adding additives to dairy items allows the industry to offer novel solutions. At Brenntag, we work with dairy product ingredient suppliers across the world to help companies like yours.


Products in the dairy industry go beyond milk. Yogurt, beverages, cheese, sour cream, and other items feed consumers and enhance their food. Additives improve the experience for manufacturer and customer. They create products that would not exist without research and development. Our portfolio of ingredients for dairy products serve purposes such as:

  • Sweetening
    Sweet additives cut the sourness of yogurt and turn ice cream into a sugary treat.
    Sucrose, dextrose, and fructose flavor full-sugar products. Substitutes such as stevia and
    sucralose provide more diet-conscious options for consumers.
  • Flavoring
    Flavors and flavor enhancers can expand your creative options and make food taste
    better. They come in savory and sweet options. Salts and yeast add complexity to dips
    and cheeses. Menthol, vanillin and even sea salt contribute to the full range of sugary
    dairy products on the market.
  • Coloring
    A quality food product appeals to all five senses. Consumers associate flavors with colors,
    but the appearance does not come from the flavor itself. Colors increase a food's visual
    attractiveness and enhance the product experience.
  • Binding and thickening
    Products like sour cream and cottage cheese have natural thickness. However, they can
    degrade over time. Thickeners such as carrageenan preserve a product's consistency.
    They also create body in dips and spreads.
  • Emulsifying
    Fat separates from water and acid without an emulsifier. Monoglycerides, diglycerides,
    and other emulsifying agents keep the ingredients in dairy items together.
  • Preserving
    Without preservatives, most dairy items would spoil between transport and sale. For
    example, most cheeses would quickly go bad without sorbic acid.
  • Supplementing
    Canadian and American dairy producers fortify milk products with vitamins. In Canada,
    dairy companies must add vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D to specific dairy items.
    The United States does not have this requirement, but most kinds of milk include
    added vitamins anyway.

We provide on-trend solutions such as clean label ingredients. These products come from natural sources, have an organic designation, or contain no GMOs. Ask us how we can help you create holistic dairy items.


The world would not have modern dairy trade without additives. They expand the market's product options. Many ingredients facilitate processing and transport, for instance. When you count on Brenntag for your dairy ingredients, you work with a forward-thinking team.

Our dairy account managers understand the latest trends in the industry, and you can consult them on ingredient sources and product development. Brenntag clients do not have to find solutions on their own.


At Brenntag, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. The dairy market needs innovative ingredients to advance. Contact us today to learn more about our ingredient product line for the dairy industry or how we can help you succeed.