In 2017, the worldwide confectionery market earned USD 187.14 billion. People across the globe enjoy treating themselves to a sweet snack. To ensure that consumers choose your products, you must stay on top of the competition. Your company needs recipes and formulas that remain one step ahead. At Brenntag, we work with global confectionery ingredient suppliers to help you succeed.


The confectionery market has complete control over candy recipes thanks to modern development. Forward-thinkers like our suppliers invent ingredients that push the boundaries of candy manufacturing. Our portfolio of over 10,000 ingredients includes products that:

  • Sweeten
    Candy and sweets must have their signature sugary flavor. Additives such as dextrose,
    agave, and fructose add sweetness to food. Our selection of sugars includes ingredients
    that can suit your budget and processes.
  • Replace sugar
    Consumers on low-sugar or sugar-free diets want candy they can eat. Sugar alcohols like
    xylitol and sorbitol make food sweet without adding sugar. Substitutes also come in
    processed forms, such as sucralose and natural ingredients like stevia.
  • Improve flavor
    Flavor additives allow you to give candy an ingredient's flavor without using the entire
    item. For example, vanillin and citric acid come from vanilla and citrus fruits, respectively.
    They add a taste similar to their natural sources in an efficient form.
  • Keep ingredients together
    Without emulsifiers and sugar-crystallization inhibitors, the ingredients in candy separate.
    Enzymes like invertase prevent sugar from crystallizing. Emulsifiers like lecithin stop fat
  • Create texture
    Certain additives increase a product's thickness. Pectin and gelatin, for instance, serve as
    the foundation for gelled candies. Carbohydrates and starches bind and thicken fillings
    like peanut butter and mint.
  • Increase shelf life
    Without preservatives, candy attracts bacteria and mold. Potassium sorbate and sorbic
    acid keep your products fresh. As a result, your candies will last through transport, sale,
    and consumption.

We offer clean label ingredients that include organic, naturally sourced and non-GMO additives. Our clean label portfolio has products that serve many of the same functions as our standard catalog.


Modern confectionery ingredients give you infinite possibilities when developing the newest candies. Brenntag Food & Nutrition can help you:

  • Expand your product lines
  • Target more consumers
  • Control how your candy affects the five senses

When you partner with us, you can take advantage of more opportunities. We assign every client an account manager who knows their market inside and out.

Our confectionery staff track the latest trends and technology and advise you on the best product approaches. Set a goal, and we will help you achieve it.


We want to help you create the best confectionery products on the market. At Brenntag, we consider your success our success. It takes a collaborative approach to make the next great candy, not a boxed solution. Our team creates custom blends featuring our ingredients on request.

They use food-grade equipment to mix an additive that fits your individual needs. To learn more about our specialized solutions and product catalog, contact us today.

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