PPG Industries Precipitated Silica

Flo-Gard™ Flow Conditioning Silicas help to prevent caking and optimize the free-flow characteristics of food products enabling improved product performance and manufacturing productivity.

Synthetic Amorphous Precipitatetd Silica
Product CodeDescription
Flo-Gard ABFlow Conditioning Silica
Flo-Gard SPFlow Conditioning Silica
Flo-Gard 915Flow Conditioning Silica
Flo-Gard T-700Flow Conditioning Silica
Flo-Gard T-800Flow Conditioning Silica
Flo-Gard FFSilica Anticaking Agent
Flo-Gard FF-DSilica Anticaking Agent
Flo-Gard SC-72Silica Carrier Product
Flo-Gard SC-72XSilica Carrier Product
Flo-Gard 213Carrier for Animal Feed Supplements
Flo-Gard LPCFree Flow and Carrier Silica
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