Chr. Hansen Natural Colors

Chr. Hansen strives towards making Natural Colors more affordable and more stable through careful natural selection and breeding of fruits and vegetables.

Food and Beverage Colors
Product (Code)Color
A-6 High Heat (70414)Reddish Brown
A-8-WSS-145 (668202)Dark Reddish Brown
A-400-S (70398)Orange Red
A-400-S (70399)Orange Red
A-800-S (700676)Orange to Red
AC 12r WSP (601412)Dark Red
Acai 300 WSP (707766)Light Blue - Dark Blue
Acai 310 WS (708347)Dark Blue
Annatto Color O/S (70388)Orange Red
Annatto Color WS 1X (70436)Reddish Brown
Annatto Color WS 1X (70464)Reddish Brown
Annatto Color WS 2X (70480)Reddish Brown
Annatto Color WS 2X (70482)Reddish Brown
Annatto Color WS 3X (72252)Reddish Brown
Annatto Powder 15 (677837)Dark Reddish Brown
Annatto Powder A-86 (677838)Dark Reddish Brown
AP-10 (70496)Reddish Brown
AP-10 (70497)Dark Reddish Brown
AT-130-W (70552)Reddish Brown
AT-130-W Dry (70578)Yellowish Orange
AT-210-S (70556)Reddish Orange
AT-435-S (70572)Reddish Orange
A/T-329-OSS-P (682513)Yellowish Orange
B-30 W/Sodium Propinate (70589)Dark Red
B-40 (70597)Dark Red
B-50-WS (246600)Dark Bordeaux Red
B-70-WS-P (710984)Dark Red
BC-1-WS-P (702679)Yellow to Orange
BC-100Y-WSP (688281)Reddish Brown
BC-140A-WSS (675009)Orange
BC-200-WSS (502988)Orange
BC-2000R-WSP (704237)Dark Red
BC-3000-OS (600932)Orang to Red
Blackberry 110 WS (705873)Red
Blue 926 WS (710878)Dark Blue
Blue 1500 OS (715644)Blue
Blue WSS-P (670225)Bark Blue
Blueberry WS (701921)Violet
Blue Blend N 027-WS (712400)Dark Blue
Blue Blend N-032-WS (711778)Blue
BP-30 (688361)Red
Bright Yellow 001 WSS-P (703628)Yellow to Orange
Bright Yellow 401 WSS-P (703628)Yellow to Orange
Brown 1200 OS (717560)Brown
Brown 1300 OS (716596)Dark Brown
Brown Blend N-53-WSS (709005)Dark Brown
CA 4 LWK (691082)Dark Red
Carmine 20 ALB (618074)Dark Purple
Carmine 30 ALN (618076)Dark Purple
Carmine 40-202 (616841)Red
Carmine 40-202 Milled (686067)Red
Carrot 9 WS (687025)Dark Red
C-10.000-WS-AP (145131)Dark Green
C-100.000-WS-P (245422)Dark Green
CL-5-WSS (290435)Dark Bordeaux Red
CC-500-WS (500668)Dark Red
CC-1000-WS (500658)Dark Red
CC-5000-WS-P (500786)Dark Greyish Red
CC-OSS-102 (694292)Red
Cedra 501 WS (711090)Yellowish Brown
Cedra 502 WS (713659)Yellow to Brown
CF-T-15 (690476)Yellow
Cheese Color 1X (70458)Reddish Brown
Cheese Color 2X (70471)Reddish Brown
CO-2.4-WS-GL-AP (665565)Dark Red
Cranberry Bright 510 WS (712650)Red
Cranberry WS (691220)Red
Creamtone Color (70431)Reddish Brown
Bark Brown 700 WSP (707704)Brown
Dark Brown 710 WS (708187)Dark Brown
Date WS (709100)Brown
Elderberry WS (715424)Dark Red
FD&C Red No. 40 Granular (668671)Dark Reddish Brown
FD&C Red No. Lake 36-42 (668670)Red
FD&C Yellow No. 5 Granular (668675)Orange
Green 100 WSS (700013)Dark Green
Green 1300 OS (716701)Dark Green
Green 1345 WSS-P (710882)Green
Green 1369 WSS (713222)Dark Green
Green Blend N-043-WSS (712583)Green
Ice Cream Color (70445)Reddish Brown
Magenta 101 WSP (705743)Dark Red
Magenta 109 WS (702914)Dark Red
Magenta 115 WSP (702910)Dark Red
Mandarin 100 WSS-P (697171)Orange
Microcap P-21-WSS-P-125-500 (689408)Dark Red
Mango Brite 200 WS (709851)Yellow to Orange
NBC Orange Red 2000 WSP (701932)Orange to Red
NBC Red 200 WSS (714074)Orange
NBC Yellow 100 WS-P (715091)Orange
NBC Yellow C 100 WSS (700282)Yellow to Orange
NBC Yellow C220 WSS (708428)Yellow
NBC Yellow C 3000 OS (696255)Reddish Brown
OPT 60/40 Dry (698690)Orange
Orange 053 WSS (711458)Orange
Orange 058 WSS (715666)Orange
Orange 251 OS (714530)Dark Red
Orange 403 WSS (712260)Orange
Orange 700 WSS-P (706494)Orange
Orange 703 WSS (711687)Orange
Orange 1378 WSS (714692)Oraange
Orange 1600 WS (716944)Orange
Orange Blend N-040-WSP (701905)Orange
Orange Blend N-051-OSS (702057)Reddish Orange
Orange Blend N-267-WSS (710590)Dark Red
Orange Red 100 WSS (700187)Red
Orange Red 970 WSS (710101)Red
P-20000-EWS/5 KG (669405)Dark Red
P-40000 OS (502132)Dark Red to Brown
P-40000-OS-SBO (697511)Dark Red
Papaya WS (705762)Yellowish Orange
Peach WSS (697780)Orange
PD-101 (70536)Yellow
Pineapple 700 WSP (712593)Yellow
Pink 101 WS (716892)Pink
Pink 501 WSS (708389)Dark Bordeaux Red
Pink 1100 OS (716629)Pink to Red
Plum WS (688374)Dark Purple
Pomegranate WS (697779)Red
Process Color I (70419)Dark Reddish Brown
Process Color VI (70422)Reddish Brown
Process Color VI (70423)Reddish Brown
PT-8-P (72432)Yellow
PT-8-S (70517)Dark Yellow to Brown
Purple Blend N-021-WS (709832)Dark Purple
Purple Grape 8 WS (699601)Dark Purple
Purple 1302 WS (718757)Dark Purple
Quetsch WS (706503)Reddish Violet
Raspberry WS (701931)Dark Red
Raspberry 110 WSS (705887)Red
Red 101 WSP (716515)Red
Red 104 WSP (718975)Dark Red
Red 105 WS (717483)Red
Red 106 WS (705744)Dark Red
Red 107 WS (718832)Dark Red
Red 108 WS (718919)Dark Red w/Orange Shade
Red 110 WS (701915)Dark Red
Red 111 WS (719506)Reddish
Red 112 WSP (719535)Dark Red
Red 122 WSP (703739)Dark Red
Red 122 WSP (705739)Red
Red 160 WS (705095)Purple
Red 410 WSS (710652)Reddish
Red Strawberry Fragaria 100 WS (704299)Dark Red
Redbeet 710 WS (714382)Dark Bordeaux Red
Redbeet OSS (710928)Dark Red
Red Blend N-112-WSS (704072)Dark Red
Red Blend N-182 WSP (705374)Dark Reddish Violet
Red Blend N-220 WSS (706017)Dark Red
Red Blend N-311 WSS (710256)Dark Red
Red ID 500 WSS (700085)Red
Ruby Shade-S (699285)Dark Red
Strawberry 400 WS (707352)Red
T-10-WS-P (614922)Yellow
T-15-WSS-P (692567)Greenish Yellow to Bright Yellow
T-80-OSS-P (609671)Yellow
T-WSS-111 (600270)Dark Yellow
Tangerine 501 WS (711084)Orange
Tangerine 520 WS (703750)Dark Reddish Orange
Turmeric OS10 (601829)Orange
Vanilla 420 WS (710615)Dark Yellow to Brown
White 100 WSS-P (699242)White
White 200 WSS-P (704032)White
White 300 WSS-P (718981)White
White Grape 160 (668402)White Grape
Yellow 010 WSS (703717)Orange
Violet 108 WS (694407)Violet
Yellow 400 WS (706885)Yellow to Orange
Yellow 400 WSS (703726)Dark Reddish Brown
Yellow 410 WS P (707740)Yellow
Yellow 900 WSS-P (704591)Yellow
Yellow 901 WSS-P (710079)Yellow
Yellow 902 WSS-P (710081)Yellow
Yellow 1600 WS (717092)Yellowish Brown
Yellow 1602 OS (717486)Yellow

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