Ingredients for the Beverage Industry

In the modern era, people are always on the move. They need fast hydration, energy and nutrient supplementation. Commercial beverages provide one or more of these benefits in an instant. The growing popularity of manufactured drinks increases competition in the market. Businesses need cutting-edge beverage ingredients to stay relevant.

Brenntag coordinates with beverage additive suppliers in over 190 locations. We partner with industry leaders to distribute ingredients for the beverage industry, so you can count on us to provide custom solutions.


Modern manufacturing processes let producers innovate like never before. Our vast selection of ingredients enables you to create the drink you envision. By choosing the right additives, you can make a beverage that achieves its intended results time and time again.

The beverage industry uses our additives to:

  • Enhance flavor
    Plenty of beverage additives make base ingredients taste better. Sweeteners such as
    xylitol and sucralose add sweetness to a drink without increasing its sugar content. Citric
    acid and other acidic flavorings create a sour taste. Natural menthol adds its signature
    minty flavor.
  • Increase nutritious value
    Beverages that enhance health or replace meals feature added ingredients. Vitamins,
    minerals, and antioxidants give beverages more health benefits. Manufacturers add
    macronutrients like protein and fiber with plant- and animal-based additives.
  • Change texture or "mouthfeel"
    Texturants change the way a drink feels in the mouth. Hydrocolloids like pectin and
    xanthan gum increase a beverage's thickness. Emulsifiers such as gum arabic keep
    creamy drinks from getting gritty.
  • Alter appearance
    Consumers identify product flavors using their eyes as much as their mouths.
    Color additives come from both natural and synthetic sources. Producers with clean
    label foods can improve the look of their drinks while following their values.
  • Lengthen shelf life
    Beverage products must stay fresh during transport and sale. Preservatives
    such as ascorbic acid prevent bacteria, yeast, and mold from growing.
  • Add energy-boosting properties
    Caffeine gives energy drinks their energizing effects. Consumers with
    vitamin B12 deficiencies receive energy from beverages containing the vitamin.


Beverage ingredients from Brenntag create a pleasing product experience for your customers. They maintain freshness and make the drink more appealing. When you work with us, you can request a custom blend of additives. This solution saves you costs and production time. We manufacture all our blends using food-grade equipment compliant with regulations. A Brenntag account manager will help you find a combination that combines the traits you need in your product.

Our clean label ingredients naturally enhance beverage quality. Request non-GMO, naturally derived, and organic ingredients from our distribution network. Your conscious customers will appreciate your choice of additives.


At Brenntag, we believe that innovation has different meanings for different minds. We understand that taking a single approach does not contribute to growth. To help businesses like yours succeed, we work closely with every client. Our account managers will help you find the products that enable you to move a step forward. Contact us today for a personalized quote.