North American companies earned $124 billion USD in sales between March 2013 and March 2014. Businesses in the high-demand baking and snack industries must stay on top of the competition. They need to use cutting-edge ingredients that meet evolving regulations. These companies need a reliable ingredient distributor with the same innovative attitude.

The Brenntag network of over 190 locations distributes ingredients to regions and markets across the globe. We coordinate with our suppliers to deliver additives at the exact time and specifications you need. Let us take care of the logistics while you develop the next great snack food.


Snack and baking companies have different means, but they desire the same end — a quality product that brings profit. The key to top-notch results lies in a focus on quality every step of the way. You need the best processes and additives to make the best food. Every ingredient that goes into your recipes must do its job well, and we make sure that every additive serves it purpose.

We offer a catalog of products that meet the food and baking industries' growing needs. Our portfolio includes the following types of ingredients used in the snack food and baking industry:

  • Emulsifiers
    Additives such as mono- and diglycerides prevent ingredient separation and
    soften bread dough.
  • Leavening agents
    Calcium carbonate and other leavening agents help dough rise.
  • Anti-caking agents
    Ingredients like calcium stearate keep powdered foods like flour from
    clumping together.
  • Sweeteners and flavor enhancers
    While additives like aspartame make food sweeter, flavor enhancers
    create food that tastes better.
  • Preservatives
    Adding ingredients such as ascorbic acid to snacks and treats gives
    them a longer shelf life.
  • Color additives
    Synthetic and natural, food-safe colors change or preserve the appearance of food.
  • Vitamins and minerals
    Food enriched with vitamins and minerals provides more nutrition than
    the same food in its original state.

With almost 10,000 products available from our suppliers, we offer many more ingredient categories that can be used at your company. Ask us about our clean label options from the world's leading suppliers. We have naturally derived, non-GMO, and organic additives for every purpose.


Partnering with a distributor like Brenntag puts thousands of ingredients at your fingertips. The possibilities become endless, and you can achieve the exact product you want to create. You have the opportunity to make food that appeals to all five senses. Control how your product makes your customers feel at a price that fits your budget. At Brenntag, we support pioneering companies like yours that aim to excel.


When you partner with Brenntag, we will assign you an account manager who knows your market. Our clients count on us to help them develop cutting-edge food products. The Brenntag staff values their relationships with customers and considers your success our success.

We deliver custom solutions, such as specialized blends and packaging. Every ingredient comes from a food applications facility that follows safety and quality regulations. Contact us today to learn more about our ingredient product line for the baking and snack industry or how we can help you succeed.

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