Dispersible Polymer Powders

Wacker Polymer Powders enhance building materials with properties that include, improved workability, increased adhesion, reduced rigidity/improved flexibility, enhanced abrasion resistance.

Vinnapas® Neutral Polymer Powders
GradePolymer BaseClassification
Vinnapas® 4016 NVAC/EHard
Vinnapas® 4020 NVAC/EMedium
Vinnapas® 4712 NVAC/EHard
Vinnapas® 4713 NVAC/EHard
Vinnapas® 5010 NVAC/EHard
Vinnapas® 5044 NVAC/EElastic
Vinnapas® Enhanced Polymer Powders
GradePolymer BaseClassification
Vinnapas® 2012 EACHard
Vinnapas® 4019 EVAC/EHard
Vinnapas® 4045 EVAC/EElastic
Vinnapas® 5028 EVAC/EMedium
Vinnapas® 5343 EVAC/EFlexible
Vinnapas® 7034 EVAC/E / OtherFlexible
Vinnapas® 8620 EVAC/E / OtherFlexible
Vinnapas® 7055 EVAC/E / OtherHighly Elastic
Vinnapas® Flow Superiority Polymer Powders
GradePolymer BaseClassification
Vinnapas® 5014 FVAC/EHArd
Vinnapas® Hydrophobic Polymer Powders
GradePolymer BaseClassification
Vinnapas® 3030 HVAC/E / OtherFlexible
Vinnapas® 4042 HVAC/E / OtherFlexible
Vinnapas® 5048 HVAC/E / OtherFlexible
Vinnapas® 5518 HVAC/EFlexible
Vinnapas® 7031 HVAC/E / OtherFlexible
Vinnapas® 8031 HVC/E / OtherFlexible
Vinnapas® 8034 HVC/E / OtherFlexible
Vinnapas® Thixotropic Polymer Powders
GradePolymer BaseClassification
Vinnapas® 4021 TVAC/EMedium
Vinnapas® 5012 TVAC/EHard
Vinnapas® Leveling Polymer Powders
GradePolymer BaseClassification
Vinnapas® 4010 LVAC/EHard
Vinnapas® 5025 LVAC/EMedium
Vinnapas® 5111 LVAC/EMedium
Vinnapas® 5115 LVAC/EHard
Wacker Literature
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