PMC Organometallix Tin Catalyst

PMC Organometallix FASCAT® Catalysts are used in a variety of applications such as, coatings, inks, adhesives and sealants.

FASCAT® Tin Catalysts
Product NameDescription
FASCAT 2001Stannous Oxalate
FASCAT 2003Stannous Oxalate, Stannous 2-ethylhexanoate
FASCAT 2004Stannous Chloride
FASCAT 4100Butylstannoic Acid
FASCAT 4101Butylchlorotin Dihydroxide
FASCAT 4102Butyltin tris-2-ethylhexonoate
FASCAT 4200Dibutyltin Diacetate
FASCAT 4201Dibutyltin Oxide
FASCAT 4202Dibutyltin Dilaurate
FASCAT 4208xDibutyltin bis (2-ethylhexoate)
FASCAT 4210Dibutyltin Dichloride
FASCAT 4214Dibutyltin Dibutoxide
FASCAT 4224Dibutyltin Bis (thioglyceride)
FASCAT 4233Butyltin Mercaptide
FASCAT 4350Butyltin
FASCAT 4351Triphenyltin Hydroxide
FASCAT 4352Triphenyl Phosphine
FASCAT 4400Tin Tetrachloride (Stannic Chloride) Anhydrous
FASCAT 8201Dioctyltin Oxide
FASCAT 8202Dioctyltin Dilaurate
FASCAT 8231Dioctyltin bis (2-ethylhexyl mercaptoacetate)
FASCAT 9100Butylstannoic Acid
FASCAT 9102Butyltin Tris-2-Ethylhexanoate
FASCAT 9201Dibutyltin Oxide
FASCAT DBTODibutyltin Oxide
FASCAT NBG01Tin Tetrachloride, Anhydrous - Reagent Grade
PMC Organometallix FASCAT Literature 
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