Alkyd Resins from Allnex

Setal Alkyd Resin sub-types include short oil, medium oil, long oil and modified alkyds.

Setal Alkyd Resins
Product Name / CodeDescription
Setal 11-1111Short Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-1112Short Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-1113Short Oil Alkyd - Non HAPS
Setal 11-1115Short Oil Alkyd - HS - Non HAPS
Setal 11-1135Short Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-1184Short Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-1386Short Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 51-1111Short Oil Alkyd - Low VOC
Setal 51-1116Short Oil Alkyd
Setal 51-1492Short Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 21-1393Short Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-1395Short Oil Alkyd - HS - Chain Stopped
Setal 21-1482Alkyd Modifying Resin - HS
Setal 21-1491Short Oil Alkyd - HS - Chain Stopped
Setal 21-1498Short Oil Alkyd - HS - Chain Stopped
Setal 21-1713Chlorinated Short Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 11-1495Medium Oil Alkyd - HS - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-2332Thixotropic Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2407Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2408Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2410Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2418Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2457Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2458Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2460Medium Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 11-2463Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2477Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2660Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-2824Medium Oil Alkyd
Setal 21-1494Medium Oil Alkyd - HS - Chain Stopped
Setal 21-2113Medium Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-2658Medium Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-2662Medium Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 11-3323Long Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-3351Long Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-3405Long Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-3415Long Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-3461Long Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-3466Long Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-3616Long Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-3677Long Oil Alkyd
Setal 21-3001Long Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-3461Long Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-3462Long Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-3464Long Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-3468Long Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-3469Long Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 21-3604Long Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 11-1319Tall Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-1390Tall Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-1392Tall Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-1393Tall Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-1395Tall Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-1397Tall Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-1399Tall Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-1323Short Tall Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-1329Short Tall Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-1335Short Tall Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-1340Short Tall Oil Alkyd
Setal 11-1345Short Tall Oil Alkyd
Setal 21-1323Short Tall Oil Alkyd
Setal 21-1327Short Tall Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 11-2360Medium Tall Oil Alkyd
Setal 21-2367Medium Tall Oil Alkyd - HS
Setal 11-1490Soybean Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 11-1492Soybean Oil Alkyd - Chain Stopped
Setal 12-1341Phenolic Modified Alkyd
Setal 12-1646Phenolic Modified Alkyd
Setal 52-1646Phenolic Modified Alkyd
Setal 22-1343Modified Alkyd - HS

Setyrene Alkyd Resin sub-types include copolymers

Setyrene Conventional Copolymer Alkyds
Product Name / CodeDescription
Setyrene 13-1405Styrenated Soya Alkyd Copolymer
Setyrene 13-1406Styrenated Soya Alkyd Copolymer
Setyrene 13-1807Styrenated Soya Alkyd Copolymer
Vinyl Toluenated (Soya Oil) 
Setyrene 13-2404Vinyl Toluene Modified Oil Copolymer
Setyrene 13-2412Vinyl Toluene Modified Soya Alkyd
Setyrene 13-2424Vinyl Toluene Modified Alkyd Copolymer
Setyrene 13-2434Vinyl Toluene Modified Alkyd Copolymer
Setyrene 13-2438Vinyl Toluene Modified Soya Alkyd
Setyrene 13-2439Vinyl Toluene Modified Alkyd
Acrylic Modified 
Setyrene 13-3504Acrylic Modified Copolymer Alkyd
Setyrene 13-3513Acrylic Modified Copolymer Alkyd
Setyrene 13-3516Acrylic Modified Copolymer Alkyd
Setyrene 13-3540Acrylic Modified Copolymer Alkyd
Setyrene 13-3545Acrylic Modified Copolymer Alkyd
Setyrene High Solids Solventborne Alkyds
Product Name / CodeDescription
Modified Alkyd 
Setyrene 23-3330HAPS Free HS Acrylic Modified Alkyd
Setyrene 23-4438HS Silicone Modified Copolymer Alkyd
Copolymer Alkyd 
Setyrene 13-4437Silicone Modified Copolymer Alkyd
Setyrene 23-2434HS Vinyl Toluene Modified Copolymer Alkyd
Setyrene 23-3317HS Styrene Acrylic Modified Alkyd
Setyrene 23-3319HS Low HAPS Styrene Acrylic Modified Alkyd
Setyrene 23-3320HS Acrylic Modified ALkyd
Allnex Literature 
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Allnex Vialkyd Resins are high solids, solvent-based alkyds and oil-free polyesters for various decorative and industrial applications.

Vialkyd Polyester Resins 
Product Name / CodeDescription
Vialkyd AN 661/60EACHydroxy‐functional polyester
Vialkyd AN 950/70XHigh-elastic thermosetting oil-free polyester resin
Vialkyd AY 140/50XBACAcrylic modified, hydroxyl group containing alkyd resin
Vialkyd VAF 6091Long oil, air drying high solids alkyd resin
Vialkyd VTS 1202/65MPACSilicone‐modified oil free polyester
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